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Prepare for the Next Sports Phenomena: Esports

Prepare for the Next Sports Phenomena: Esports

Esports is a form of rivalry using video games. It is an organized, multiplayer video game competition, mostly between professional players.

Due to live video streaming capabilities, it is now attracting virtual fans that follow a gamer or team that competes in one or multiple matches.

How hot are Esports? It is estimated that revenue will exceed $465 million this year, up from $130 million five years ago, according to Newzoo.

To give you an idea of its popularity, at the Intel Extreme Masters in Poland this year, the finals had to be carried out over two weekends, instead of one. They had a record-breaking 173,500 fans in the stands rooting for their teams and more than 46 million viewers online, which was up 35% from the year before.

What is also gaining momentum are “PC bangs” (Korean for PC rooms) which are gaming centers where patrons can play multiplayer computer games for an hourly fee. There are typically hundreds of gaming systems in each PC bang, and users can buy food and drinks at the café as well. Due to its popularity among school-aged children, PC bangs are also opening in schools and treated as a way to reward students for good grades and/or good behavior.

Checklist for Hosting an Esports Event

If you are thinking of hosting a tournament at your business, special event or café, you will need to follow the checklist highlighted below:

  • Schedule a time and date that works for most gamers.
    Remember, the gamers sitting at your location will be playing games with individuals from around the world. Most of the older gamers start at 9 pm and the most popular days are Friday and Saturday.
  • Determine what game the users will play.
    According to PC Magazine, the most prevalent games are:

    • StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
    • Dota 2
    • League of Legends
    • Puyo Puyo Tetris
    • Rocket League
  • Order your rental equipment.
    Each seat will require the following equipment:

  • Decide if you will be live streaming to the fans.
    If you are live streaming, you will need to have the highest speed Internet available in that area. Please test it beforehand, and have the Wi-Fi support team on hand if you encounter any technical issues.

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