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Predictions on Meetings – 2014 Mid-Year Review

Predictions on Meetings – 2014 Mid-Year Review

At the end of every year, meeting and event planning technologists look into their crystal ball and predict what will happen over the course of the following year. Last November, Corbin Ball of Corbin Ball Associates made 14 predictions about the future of events. I will take six of those ideas and give you my assessment of where they are in the event planning and implementation cycle.

Corbin’s Predictions

  1. Crowdsourcing and crowd sharing will be more widely used in events.
    My Observation: Maybe.
    Although I personally believe this is the future of all events, it doesn’t seem to be taking hold like I had hoped. I belong to local MPI and PCMA chapters and have not seen it implemented there or on a more regional level. Shouldn’t these organizations be the flagship for how event planning and implementation is taking shape?
  2. Wearable, ultra-portable computing will begin to work its way into events.
    My Observation: Not Yet.
    While there is no doubt this is the future of computing, wearable technology is still in the early adapter level of acceptance. Once Apple and Microsoft release their watches, glasses and other innovations — thus driving broad base appeal to their markets and moving the price point down– I think you will see movement in this arena.
    The biggest thing planners need to be aware of and be ready for is the on slot of privacy issues at an event. As glasses, watches and clothing allow for video recording without anyone knowing it, how is an attendee’s privacy going to be protected? I don’t have a clue and probably most attorneys are scratching their heads on this one as well.
  3. Conference event guide apps are becoming essential.
    My Observation: True.
    As Corbin points out in his PCMA Convene article, there are now ~100 conference event guide apps that can do everything from polling to analytics. If you rent a laptop or look at iPads, chances are very good that you can find an app that will work well on either platform.
  4. Mobile social event networking will blossom.
    My Observation: True.
    I will add to this prediction one more thing: hashtags are going to help attendees navigate through the social noise. Even though hashtags have been a standard way to promote Twitter event chatter for years, they are now being accepted as a way of posting on Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Google+. Hashtags may very well be the new SEO standard. Stay tuned on search methodology because more will be revealed in the next several months.
  5. The four-screen revolution responsive, adaptive webs design will become mandatory for your website.
    My Observation: Very True.
    According to the June 2013 Ericsson Mobility Report, there are 1 billion smartphones in use worldwide and that number will grow to 2 billion by the end of 2015. And according to Gartner, tablet sales will finally overtake PC sales in 2015. In addition, as Smart TVs finally take off, Corbin believes you need to be ready on all fronts: TV, PC, tablet and smartphone. I couldn’t agree more.
  6. Video will be increasingly integrated in the business process for events.
    My Observation: Very True.
    Nothing speaks to an attendee better than video. Short, looping videos like Vine, Instagram and Tout have the market in the Gen Y and Z arena. Integrate video any way you can before and during your event.

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