Outsourcing 360 Video Stitching Saves Money & Time

You have just shot the most amazing 360 video. Now it is time to move to the next step, which involves serious edits and stitching your videos together. This process can be both time consuming and expensive, especially if you are learning the software as you go along. There must be a better way and thankfully, there is one.

Let’s breakdown the stitching process, as well as, the benefits of outsourcing this process.

What is 360 Video Stitching?

Once you have captured your content you will need to stitch it together with a stitching software. Stitching turns the individual videos into a single, high-resolution, seamless panoramic video. The resulting video typically covers 360 × 180-degree field of view and is delivered as a video file to ultimately be viewed with Virtual Reality rental headsets.

Why is it Difficult to do?

Video stitching requires correcting a lot of small details such as:

  • Camera syncing
  • Control point editing
  • Blend pass rendering and masking
  • Color grading and
  • Nadir removal

All of this, if not completed correctly, can make for an ineffective VR experience for the end user. Therefore, a lot of time must be spent on this part of stitching process.

What do You Need to Stitch?

You need five elements to undertake stitching:

  • The 360-camera raw footage
  • A powerful computer
  • Large monitor rentals to see the different camera views
  • Software
  • An experienced VR developer

Why Engage in a Video Stitching Service?

As I stated before, DIY stitching requires the right solution, the right expertise and enough time to do complete a quality product. Given most organizations have limited time and expertise in this arena (because it is so new), outsourcing makes sense for the following reasons:

  1. You can obtain everything from one place.
    From 360 camera rentals to video stitching services, you need a provider that can offer everything. You shoot the raw footage, return the camera and the vendor does the rest.
  2. Your time is freed up.
    No need to hire the expertise or train yourself on new software you will probably use infrequently. Turn the matter over to stitching experts to complete the job in a cost-efficient manner.
  3. The deliverable is in the file transfer.
    The video file can be delivered to you via the cloud or FTP. You can then view the end product from VR rentals before the public does.
  4. Your confidentiality is protected.
    The data is securely stored on the cloud. Our company deletes the file upon delivery to you, so there is no chance of leaking sensitive data to the public early.


Stitching is a vital part of getting to the VR end product. However, it takes time and energy even with the best software solution. Given this technology is so new, hire outside expertise to ensure your organization can deliver the most immersive experience ever!

Hartford Technology Rental Now Offers Stitching Services

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