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Out With The Old: 4 Meeting Changes That Must Happen

Out With The Old: 4 Meeting Changes That Must Happen

Random presenters, unnecessary websites, paper processes and overuse of email need to go – now.  You know the use of technology is paramount to an event or meeting’s success; it is now time to bring technology into the event planning phase.

Here are four changes that will save you time and money. It doesn’t matter if you are a full-time meeting planner or someone that is a volunteer or staff member who occasionally plans an event, all of the technology options listed below will make your life easier when planning an event or meeting.

4 Must-Do Changes for Event Planning

OLD: Randomly Selecting Speakers
NEW: Vetting Veteran Presenters

Currently, your selection process for speakers is based on word-of-mouth recommendations or seeing that presenter at a convention you recently attended. In addition, your organization puts out a “call for speakers” and you accept most, if not all, who apply.

The problem with this approach is if you book presenters whose content does not align with the event’s purpose, you potentially lose that attendee for good. Why not crowdsource your speakers? In other words, ask attendees to identify who they want to speak at their conference and why those individuals make sense. Check out those potential presenters in person, if possible, and take a few of your attendees with you. If it is not possible to see them live, check out their YouTube videos and Google their name for possible review information.

OLD: Creating an Event Website
NEW: Creating Pages within Your Corporate Site

For a period of time, web developers garner big bucks developing brand new websites for specific events. It looked spiffy and clean and full of event details. The problem is it dies the moment the meeting launches. Long-term SEO and content is lost forever.

While I agree the noise from a corporate website can be overbearing, it is important to keep meeting and event specifics within the parameter of one site. Here are three reasons why: First, your ranking will potentially improve because your website just became bigger. Second, your website will show a lot of activity, thus avoiding the cobweb effect. Third and most importantly, your corporate brand image will be consistently connected to the meeting.

OLD: Using a Paper Registration System
NEW: On-line Registration Process

Making attendees fill out a paper-based system and faxing or mailing it back to you has a lot of flaws. First, the paperwork can be lost. Second, credit card information can be compromised. Lastly, it makes you look out of touch.

While there are many online options, you need to first and foremost check and see if they are web responsive. The last thing you want is a frustrated attendee trying to fill in your form on their smartphone by constantly pinching the screen. Click on this listing of 15 apps, some of which are free but take a percentage of your registration fee, which may work well for your next conference or event.

OLD: Sending Too Many Emails
NEW: Cloud Collaboration

Sending Word, Excel and PowerPoint presentations around to event staff, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees can be very confusing especially if your organization has a lot of revisions to these types of documents. The other problem with emails is, documents can end up in the wrong hands through the forwarding of emails.

Instead, create or upload collaborative documents to a cloud rental. The cloud reduces or eliminates email communication because cloud documents are available on any device at any time. Cloud computing allows for editing, commenting and/or viewing documents either publicly or on an invitation only basis. The other benefits are immediate backup is available and if the cloud is private, it is very secure. Cloud rentals are fantastic for events because you only rent the resources you need at that time. This prevents you from paying for idle computing resources.

Hartford Technology Rental Can Help with Event Technology

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