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One of the Most Stressful Jobs? Event Planner!

One of the Most Stressful Jobs? Event Planner!

According to CareerCast, the role of event coordinator is the 5th most stressful job in the U.S. As a meeting planner myself, I was not surprised to learn this given the demands of the client and expectations of attendees at any given meeting. However, over the years, I have learned to diminish much of the stress by following many of the tips featured below. Hopefully, these event planning tips will help reduce your stress level when organizing your next event.

Event Situation and Stress-Free Solutions

Situation: Working Long Hours at the Event

It isn’t uncommon for meeting planners to put in 16-18 hours each day at the event with little time to eat or exercise.

Solution: Delegate, Be Healthy and Sleep

Instead of doing everything yourself, delegate tasks to other team members or volunteers. Take time to eat properly by steering toward healthy meal choice and having protein bars for meals or snacks, taking your vitamins and drinking a lot of water. Add yoga, meditation and walking breaks into your conference plan and then, set an example by partaking in the activity. And most of all, get enough sleep because sleep deprivation can lead to short tempers and sloppy mistakes.

Situation: Extreme Pressure to Make Sure Everything Goes Right

Whether it is perceived or real, most meeting planners feel that mistakes are not tolerable and if anything does go wrong, it is their responsibility to fix it right away.

Solution: Have a written communication plan that is reviewed often.

Because there are so many players involved, from the hotel to the event rental organization and many partners in between, it is vital you have a great communication plan.

Therefore, I recommend that all your contracts be in writing, along with the overall project management timeline. All of this data can be stored in a cloud computing rental where individuals can review, comment or make changes to the timeline.

Hold standing conference calls for all the players. Start with monthly calls initially, then 6 months out from your event switch to weekly calls, followed by daily calls two weeks before the event. Be sure to complete a through pre-con the day before the event.

Situation: Managing 30+ Vendors

Managing this many companies can be challenging to say the least – especially if you do not have a long-term relationship with them and this is your first event together.

Solution: Aspire for Long-term Vendor Relationships

One thing is for certain, that you can cut down the amount of stress you experience when working with a group of vendors you have already worked with in the past. Once the relationship is formed and you understand each other’s lingo, trust can be built and the communication process can be expedited.

Situation: Tight travel schedules

Many times your speakers, your staff and you do not give enough time to travel to and from the destination. You travel across the country, arrive at midnight, work until 2 a.m. unpacking boxes and setting up, go to sleep and then are up at 6 a.m. for a pre-con. Your presenters may arrive a few hours before their talk, which can add another layer of stress into the mix.

In addition, you really don’t get to experience the city or venue to its fullest extent.

Solution: Arrive a day early and stay a day later

Yes, it is a little more expensive to come in early and stay later, but in the scheme of things it should be well worth it. You can take your time and actually enjoy the amenities. And at the end of the conference, you deserve a little pampering!

We Aspire to Be Your Long-Term Partner

At Hartford Technology Rental, we don’t want you to pull an all-nighter to finalize your event! Our sales representatives are available 24/7 to answer any questions and provide the right equipment at the right price for your next meeting or event.