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On-Demand Desktop Streaming Right for Your Business?

On-Demand Desktop Streaming Right for Your Business?

An On-Demand Desktop Streaming rental option is a solution that is taking hold within the corporate and legal community. Simply stated, it allows you to manage your software from a server rental and stream the operating system and apps to diskless desktops. The overall benefit of this offering is you can centrally manage all desktops tied to this server as if they are “dumb” terminals, no matter where they may be.

What is required to Implement On-Demand Desktop Streaming?

It starts with one or more standalone server rentals. This is where the master software package is, which is installed and customized by a technician. Next, determine if you need to rent a laptop or desktop, and the number needed to successfully implement on-demand streaming. You can also connect existing desktops to the server, if you desire.

When Does Desktop Streaming Make Sense?

This solution is right for your organization in one or more of the following scenarios:

  • If you are holding a large training session with multiple unique trainings where a different image for each session would be needed.
    This especially makes sense when this training is required, such as a company or human resources initiative, or it involves rolling out new products or services. Either way, individuals are receiving the message all at the same time.
  • If you are a law firm and want to make certain that all individuals have access to the master files for litigation support and security reasons.
    When dealing with an ongoing investigation that is either highly sensitive or confidential, it is best to have a solution like this where individuals can only have access to what you want them to have and keep complete control over any access to the outside.
  • If your organization or company is involved in a short-term project that is highly collaborative, such as planning an event or conducting a peer review.

What are the Benefits of On-Demand Desktop Streaming?

Managing a single image versus hundreds or thousands significantly reduces cost, effort and complexity of the system. Here are other benefits to note:

  1. Reduced Desktop Support Costs: You and your staff no longer need to manage individual desktops and laptops or check to see if the software, apps and security software are all up to standard.

    It costs time and money to set up, update, support and retire devices. By streaming a single shared disk image from the server to the diskless devices, you bypass all of the time it takes to manage each individual device at your company.

  2. Reduction in Deployment Time: Again, all the software updates and apps are sent out from one main server. Imaging occurs on a real-time basis and each device is updated when it reboots.
  3. Increase in Data Security: Since the server is the master and the devices tied to it are slave units, there is no risk of data malware or corruption.
  4. Reduced Cost of Data Storage: Citrix estimates that the amount of storage required is reduced by as much as 90% as compared to an individualized desktop scenario.
  5. IT Agility: You add or delete terminals when needed on a real-time basis depending on the organizational needs

Why Hartford Technology Rental?

Hartford has many benefits, including:

  • Very competitive rental rates
  • No long term contract to sign or upfront investment to make
  • Experienced Citrix certified technical staff that can customize your server needs

Hartford Technology Rental technical sales reps can discuss your needs in depth and determine how our On-Demand Desktop Streaming rental solution can benefit your organization. To arrange a live demonstration, give us a call at 888.520.5667 today!