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NFL Draft Digital War Room in 2017

NFL Draft Digital War Room in 2017

Next month, 32 teams will come together for the NFL Draft in Philadelphia, PA. While many teams are digitizing some elements of the process, the Dallas Cowboys have developed a 100% digital, high-tech war room concept that other teams can easily emulate during this stressful selection process.

Components of a Digital War Room

360 Cameras

While they don’t let their fans see the sensitive and confidential negotiation tactics of picking their players, the Cowboys management does have times when they let their fans into the room on a real-time basis.

To add a unique view of this process, NFL teams should rent 360 cameras that can immerse the viewer into the room. These cameras are 4K compatible for those viewers with UHD monitors and even VR equipment.

“This creates another destination for our fans to touch and feel the Dallas Cowboys,” stated Jerry Jones, Jr., Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for the Cowboys.

Robust, Secure Internet

Since most teams will view videos, photos and stats about multiple players at the same time and retrieve their own findings from the cloud before deciding on a pick, it is important to have fast enough bandwidth to do the job with proper protocols in place.

This also includes secure, landline phones to communicate confidentially with other teams.

Computer Equipment

As stated before, the Cowboys are completely paperless. The room is filled with laptop rentals and tablet rentals which can access a variety of data that used to be stored in a thick binder.

When you rent a laptop, the primary benefit is data can be accessed and notes taken and shared among the group whether a person is in the room or not.

Video Wall and Touch Screen Displays

A video wall can show up to 10 different feeds including videos running side-by-side with current players and potential draft picks, multiple draft boards and a feed directly from the floor.

In addition, the Cowboys have two large 4K touch screen monitors to isolate players whom they want to complete a more in-depth vetting process which may include media interviews, YouTube videos and the prospective player’s social postings.

Benefits of Digital War Room

War rooms are utilized for a specific purpose, such as a legal proceeding, political campaign or draft selection. It is becoming more apparent that the “team” with the best digital access will win.

In addition, because these war rooms are set up on temporary basis whether it is for several days, weeks or months, rental or lease options will continue to make sense.

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