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New Interactive Tools to Captivate Your Audience

New Interactive Tools to Captivate Your Audience

It has been proven over and over again, the more involved attendees are in the presentation, the more likely they will pay attention and garner more out of any presenter’s talk. Today’s audience members want to influence the outcome of any presentation by providing feedback and asking questions early in the process.

Here are six interactive technology tools that can help you get your audience more involved in the meeting.

Mentimeter: An Updated Audience Response System

This app works just like an old-fashioned audience response system – except better. It can run on any device; smartphone, tablet rental or laptop.

You or the presenter can type in any question you want to ask. Responses can include open ended, scale or multiple choice formats. You can start from scratch or use one of their best practice examples. This is a web-based program, so no app installation is required. The votes are gathered and the results are shown in real-time. The results can be displayed as the votes come in or hidden until all votes are cast.

Mentimeter can be directly inputted into PowerPoint as long as the presenter has the 2016 version on Office 365.

Glisser: Connecting Attendees to the Presentation

Glisser is a web-based tool that allows Q&A, polling, social sharing and the ability to download presentations to attendees’ computers or the cloud.

Their Q&A tool lets attendees submit questions anonymously throughout a presentation. The speaker can stop and address the questions as they occur or wait until the traditional Q&A period.

You can setup a poll in seconds and get real-time insights. This tool is also web-based, but unlike Mentimeter, you can only input close-ended questions into the poll.

Audience members can share individual slides with their social channels (using the event hashtag) and create more virality about your event. In addition, the presenter can live-tweet their content automatically as they present it.

Attendees can download slides at the end of a presentation, and you and the presenters can track who downloaded it for further follow-up.

BuzzMaster: Big Data Delivered

This mobile app is one of the few feedback systems that is Big Data driven. Key information about each attendee is inputted into the app prior to the meeting. For example, if part of the audience consists of managers, Buzz Master can isolate those responses and determine how managers feel and think about a particular question or statement compared to the rest of the audience.

Each user can vote for or against statements, grade speakers and topics, ask questions or make comments. In addition, the presenter can add new content on the fly, while he or she is on stage.

Sli.do: Crowdsouring Made Easy

This app allows audience members to crowdsource the best questions to presenters. This concept let’s anyone input a question, while fellow audience members vote on the best questions to ask a presenter. This cuts down on repetitive questions that the presenter has to sift through and allows the questions that are the most important to attendees to be answered first.

As with all the other apps listed above, Slido allows any computing device to act as a mechanism for attendee feedback. The feedback can be given in closed- or open-ended format or in a 0-5 star rating. The results can be displayed live.

It has a Twitter component which allows attendees to use Slido to post event tweets from this app as long as an event hashtag has been established.

Crowd Mics: Turning a Phone into a Mic

This app turns smartphones into wireless microphones. Each audience member can talk to the presenter using their own phones.

Everyone can text comments or questions to the presenter that are curated by the moderator. The presenter can answer questions as they come in or queue them up for the Q&A session.

With a live polling system, feedback is gathered on the fly. This means the presenter simply asks the question as a slide in the presentation. The moderator pushes a poll. The results are shown instantly on moderator’s screen, and can be later displayed on a large screen monitor rental.

Catchbox: Adding Fun to the Questioning Process

This device acts as a wireless microphone system where audience members can literally throw this box to each other. This application can add an element of fun into your meeting because the recipient who catches the box is expected to ask a question.

There is an active AutoMute that kicks in when the box is thrown through the air. The unit is light and soft. You can also brand each unit with your company logo and colors.

Hartford Technology Rental Helps Engage Audiences

While all of these options have their own unique strengths, it is important to assess the size of your audience, how they wish to connect to the presenter and to each other. Keep in mind your budget parameters and whether or not you need to rent iPads or laptops.

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