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Mobile Apps Offer Great Benefits to Physicians

Mobile Apps Offer Great Benefits to Physicians

If you are not using mobile devices in your medical practice today, research states you will be in the next five years. The use of these devices, paired with the right apps, garner great benefits.

A March 2015 survey of 500 healthcare professionals by Research Now, found:

  • 86% of healthcare professionals believe apps will increase their knowledge of patients’ conditions
  • 76% believe, with the right app, they can help patients with chronic diseases
  • 72% think consumer health apps will encourage patients to take more responsibility for their own health
  • 59% already use mobile technology to access medical research
  • 50% think apps will increase the efficiency of patient treatment
  • 46% believe mHealth apps will improve their relationship with their patients
  • 46% of healthcare professionals say they will introduce mobile apps into their practice in the next 5 years
  • 16% said they already use mobile apps in their work with patients.

Since mHealth is the wave of the future, how can busy doctors and nurses select the best apps and technology for their practice? Here are a few medical apps already vetted by Capterra, a software selection company, as the best on the market today.

5 Medical Mobile Apps Worth Looking Into


This free app runs on the iOS and Android platforms and can:

  • Check for potentially harmful interactions between up to 30 drugs at a time.
  • Review evidence-based, patient-specific guidelines condensed for the patient visit.
  • Send secure text messages to colleagues or create group chats with care teams about specific patients.

While the basic app is free, it does have more in-depth intelligence available for a yearly subscription fee.


UpToDate® is a fee based subscription that is available on the iOS, Android and Windows platforms. It offers:

  • A “What’s New” feature that provides clinicians with a summary of the most important new information in the medical arena.
  • Practice Changing Updates, which are specific new recommendations and/or updates that, may change usual clinical practice.
  • Patient Education that has more than 1,500 corresponding patient information topics, plus more than 1,000 in universal Spanish. Clinicians can review this information with patients in the exam room, print out as handouts, or send it to them via email.


This free app is available on iOS and Android systems and offers the following:

Read by QxMD

This sort-of free app (the app itself is free, but the publications you access may not be), run on the iOS and Android platforms and provides the following:

  • Keep up with the latest groundbreaking research that may impact your practice.
  • Browse through 1000s of outstanding topic reviews.
  • Search millions of articles from PubMed and their database medical topics.

New England Journal of Medicine

This free pub can be accessed on iPad rentals or other iOS devices. It has a great feature, a weekly audio summary of the week’s breakthrough findings, thus allowing healthcare professionals to listen to the latest research without having to read about it.

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