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Microsoft Touts the Meeting Room of the Future

Microsoft Touts the Meeting Room of the Future

At Microsoft Build last week, Raanah Amjadi demonstrated to conference participants what he believes a boardroom meeting will look like in the not-to-distant future.

Bottom line: Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a new device, everyone in the room can be identified, conversations will be transcribed and conversational to-dos are going to turn into actionable items.

Conducting a Meeting via AI

Starting with a 360-degree camera and microphone perched on a cone shaped device powered with Cortana, facial recognition will identify each person as they come into the room. She will greet them by their first name. When the leader enters, Cortana will ask if they want the meeting to begin.

Once it’s underway, using the microphone for voice and facial recognition, Cortana will know who is speaking and transcribe what is said. If it’s an international meeting, Skype will also translate each language in real-time for others. Pairing up with Cortana and Office 365, all notes and follow-up items will be displayed on a Surface Hub. Also, all remote participants will be shown on the Hub.

Examples of Meeting AI in Use

If someone mentions a document, Cortana will show it on the display.

Meeting participants can see real-time business data analytics through the use of PowerBI to make informed decisions while they are there.

When a person says, “I’ll follow up with you next week,” they will receive a notification on Microsoft Teams about who they need to contact and when. It will also appear on their personal Microsoft To-Do app, without the need to open it.  

When participants say they need to meet in two weeks, Cortana will coordinate calendars and suggest a suitable date and time.

All of the services above will be made available through Microsoft Azure, their AI cloud platform.

7 “To Do’s” to Prepare for the Future

  1. If you have a Microsoft OS, be sure to upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible.
  2. Click on your Talk to Cortana settings.
    Use the “Hey Cortana” digital assistant and allow her to access your calendar, email and Power BI. Ask her to access a PowerPoint presentation, certain email or set up a meeting with your boss.  
  3. Utilize all the products within the Office 365 family, including Sway and Calendar.
  4. Setup Your Skype account. Use it for videoconferencing.
  5. Rent a Surface Hub.
    Try out all the features with a Surface Hub rental including Skype, writing with the Hub pens and showing off the room to remote participants with the wide angle cameras.
  6. Complete a test drive of PowerBI, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft To-Do.
    Determine which products are best for communicating with your meeting participants.
  7. Move to an AI based cloud platform.
    Whether it’s Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud, be sure the platform has AI already integrated into it. 

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