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Microsoft Office 2019 Review: Still Relevant?

Microsoft Office 2019 Review: Still Relevant?

Last month, Microsoft announced general availability for Office 2019 for Windows and Macs. This version has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, Access and Publisher upgrades and serves as the replacement for Office 2016.

This new software offering is targeted for clients who are not ready to move to the cloud or do not have dependable, regular Wi-Fi connections available to them.

Here are the ins and outs of the software and what it means to your business.

What is Office 2019?

This is a standalone, one-time release of Office. Even though it won’t receive regular updates like Office 365, there is a Click-to-Run (C2R) feature that allows every licensed PC to run a monthly security update. C2R also reduces network consumption of Windows 10 and provides an easy path to Office 365.

This new update replaces Office 2016 and is available today.

What are the System Requirements?

On PCs, you’ll need Windows 10. For a Mac, it will be either macOS Sierra, High Sierra, or Mojave.

What’s Improved?

Basically, Microsoft has taken all the Office 365 improvements since the delivery of Office 2016 and integrated them into this product. Here are the highlights:


There are enhanced media and visual elements including Morph which allows for the appearance of movement in a wide range of things including text, shapes, and pictures.  Zoom allows you to go from one place in your presentation to another in any order you like.  You can also export your presentation to 4K UHD video format. Lastly, the ability to move elements with your pencil is also available.


2019 has new data analysis features, formulas and charts. Also, there are PowerPivot and PowerQuery improvements. You will be able to export your data seamlessly to Power BI, Microsoft’s business intelligence tool.


Offers new learning tools, including Read Aloud, text-to-speech, text spacing and translator features. It also has a Focus mode intended to block out distractions by darkening the screen and reducing displayed elements.


Presents a Focus inbox that moves more important emails to the top of your reading pane. It separates your inbox into two tabs—Focus and Other. You can use the @ command to tag individuals in emails. Lastly, Outlook can read your email messages aloud allowing you to keep up with your email while doing other tasks.


Ink-to-Text support is available, which means your handwritten notes can be turned into typed text. You can also see who’s working with you in a shared notebook and jump straight to their page. Immersive Reader improves reading comprehension by using a tool to read text out loud, break it into syllables and increase spacing between lines and letters. Researcher finds relevant quotes, citable sources, and images to start your outline.

Is 2019 Replacing Office 365?

This is a definitive no. Office 365 will continue to receive steady updates especially in the areas of collaboration, AI and security. In addition, the total cost of ownership will always be less expensive on the 365 platform.

Bottom line: Office 2019 is intended for the solopreneur, small business or simple meeting where online functionality, storage and collaboration isn’t needed.

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