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Microsoft Office 2016 Focuses On Collaboration

Microsoft Office 2016 Focuses On Collaboration

Earlier this month, Microsoft rolled out their newest version of Office – 2016 — with a new bent: real-time collaboration. You probably have experienced this capability with Google Drive, where you create a Word or PowerPoint presentation natively on the desktop and upload it to Drive for collaborative feedback and changes. Microsoft has taken out one major step in this process – the need to upload it to Drive.

There are other features that make Office 2016 a competitive business tool. Here is a summary of its features and what they mean to your business.

Cloud Collaboration at its Finest

Once Word, PowerPoint and OneNote (and soon to be Excel) documents are created and stored in OneDrive or SharePoint, a user can invite others to view and collaborate on those documents.

Each person has their own colored icon so everyone can see which users have made specific edits. Want to talk to the person about their edits while they are happening? Click on their icon, and a screen will pop out for you to connect with each other via Skype for Business.

In addition, a person invited to collaborate doesn’t have to have Office 2016. They can access the document via a free Web-based version of Office.

Office 365 Users receive it For Free

Not familiar with Office 365? Rather than buying the software, you can pay a monthly or annual subscription; essentially renting the software from Microsoft. Office 365 Users can download 2016 today and will receive automatic updates as they come out.

Works with GigJam

GigJam is a service that links across completely different sources: Office 365, your CRM system and your company’s database to bring the right data at the right time to your device.

Tell Me What You Want to Do (Siri in Text Format)

This is a text field where you can enter words and phrases about what you want to do next and quickly get the features you want to use or actions you want to perform.

Delve Into It

Delve works by scouring your emails, calendars and files to pick out the things it thinks are the most relevant, pertinent and pressing for you based on your own personal work habits. The app looks at the activity on your files — including who’s opened them, who’s viewed them, who’s edited them and who those people are in relation to you — and presents this information with a card-based interface similar to Pinterest.

Mac User? No Problem – Office for Mac Has Improved

New, modern versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote—combining the familiarity of Office and the unique Mac features you love are available with the Office for Mac 2016 version.

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