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5 Meeting “Must Haves” for Today and Beyond

5 Meeting “Must Haves” for Today and Beyond

No question about it, Gen Y has had a significant impact on the structure of today’s meeting. However, what may have started out as a radical concept, has morphed into a ready adoption by most generations. We are truly a smartphone generation and if someone doesn’t have one, we now question their ability to keep up with our every changing technological world.

BizBash, an event planning resource publication, tagged five meeting “must-haves” as important as well as the technology rentals that can help support them.

Five Meeting “Must-Haves”

Live Streaming Video on Second Screens

Attendees want to view the live presentation from wherever they are at the conference. Think of it like a TV program that is viewable on any device including iPad rentals and video walls. This allows a meeting participant to be connected to the content at all times which may be the hotel lobby or a comfortable chair outside the meeting room.

Meeting Planner Station

This can be the catch location for all things meeting, including technology questions. Once just capitalized for registration, think of the planner station as the complete concierge station for the event. Attendees want to go to one location, talk to one person and gather all the information they need, whether it is how to access an app or where the reception is located.

Home Environment

When you are at home, you don’t sit in one seat all day and do one thing only, right? Therefore, the expectation among attendees is to have a “homey” environment at events – oversized, stuffed chairs and couches, LCD monitor rentals and whiteboards all around, a refrigerator stocked with water and a coffee/cookie station. And most importantly, room to walk around and network organically as seating or high rise table should be optimized for 4-8 people.

Seamless Internet Connection

Today’s attendee wants to move from their hotel room to the meeting space to the outdoor reception without missing a beat. They want consistent and constant high-speed Internet access, without having to access their cell plan.

Inclusive Technology Pricing

Rather than work with multiple vendors on computer and AV configurations, everything is included in one price. This not only simplifies billing, but it also gives the meeting planner one point of contact if things go wrong or they have questions.

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