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Meeting Ideas to Engage Attendees

Meeting Ideas to Engage Attendees

Do you want to improve engagement at your events and meetings? Handing out rented iPads to your attendees opens up a whole world of possibilities. The clever implementation of iPads will boost attendance and make your events more interesting, more engaging, and more fun as well!

From real-time polling to interactive displays and even the occasional game, there are many interactive meeting ideas to engage attendees using iPads. Explore these strategies to enhancing attendee engagement:

1. Check-In, Registration, and On-Site Support

Registration apps on iPads mounted on stands will eliminate the need for physical tickets at your events. Your staff can easily place iPads at the entrance, allowing attendees to check-in easier. You may even allow self-check-in, which frees up considerable human resources.

Moreover, the same iPads on stands can be used to provide on-site directions and support during the event. Just a simple map app and an event FAQ can make a big impact.

2. Promote Open Dialogue

Engaging your attendees through free WIFI allows you to create an open dialogue between presenters and attendees. The audience will be able to participate in real-time polling, ask questions without interrupting the flow of the presentation, and take part in post-event surveys.

This dialogue works both ways. Event organizers will be able to notify attendees of last-minute changes or important information they might have missed.

3. Slide Sharing and Engagement

Handing out iPads before a meeting allows you to turn every event into a dynamic, two-way experience. Presentation apps allow attendees to share slides, zoom in on slides, write down their notes, and save slides that are relevant to them on their iPads.

The same apps also allow presenters to launch live polls and even adjust the course of a presentation depending on what the majority of attendees want. This creates a new level of interactivity between presenters and their audience.

4. Branding and Customization

Interactive technologies allow you to optimize the impact of your meetings and events. Presenters can feature their branding material through iPads and create a seamless, immersive brand experience.

Through interactive apps, you can customize buttons, headers, footers, videos, and more to feature your logo and branding imagery. This makes your events more personalized and memorable for attendees.

5. Simulation and Gamification

Finally, simulations and games will increase engagement with zero input from you. Just by allowing attendees to try out a product through a simulation, you are making a point without a single slide.

Similarly, game apps can keep attendees engaged during breaks and ensure maximum focus when it’s more crucial during a meeting. Studies have shown that playing games for up to two hours a week can increase someone’s ability to focus, especially during ‘wait and see’ moments, which are common during meetings. 

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