Managing Your Documents or Are They Managing You?

Document Management is the coordination and control of electronic and paper documents. The idea is that all documents travel in a secure and efficient manner from one person to the next. In addition, if documents require collaboration, need to be confidential or sign offs are required on documents, you want a system that provides indexing for searches and access to only authorized personnel.

If you do it right, document management system can save your organization time and money. Below are key questions you need to ask when figuring out the best place for your documents and what technology will serve you best in the process.

Questions to Ask When Considering Document Management

  1. Do you need to archive this document for tax or historical reasons?If you are, in essence, through with the document but you need to store it forever or for a specified period of time, using a scanner rental and storing the document via cloud computing rental is a great option. No more moving heavy files or worrying about theft or Acts of God. Once everything is stored in the cloud, you will want to destroy those sensitive documents. An onsite shedder rental is your best choice for quick and confidential destruction of documents.
  2. Do multiple people need to collaborate on the document?Again, depending on where these individuals are, using the cloud may be your best choice especially if they are remote and you need to see the thread of comments.However, if the document is classified or highly sensitive, continue to use a paper system. If there is a lot of information for individuals to review, a short-term copier rental may be the answer.
  3. What is the work flow process?Understanding the document process from “cradle to grave” can help you determine which document management system works best for your organization.Here are some additional questions to consider for document control:
    • How many people need to see, collaborate and/or sign-off on the document?
    • How long will this process take?
    • Are the individuals local or remote?
    • How classified is the document?
    • How big is the document?
    • Will people be able to digest the material viewing it on a computer screen or do they need to print it out?

    While the answers to these questions will vary document to document, you can see the importance of understanding the process in order to determine whether a paper or digital process work best for you and your organization.

  4. Do you need to retrieve the same information over and over again?This may be a toss-up as to whether electronic or paper systems make sense. Due to concerns about cyber security, you may wish for documents such as human resource policies to be in paper format. On the other hand, if your cloud is private and has excellent firewalls and security, providing electronic documentation may be optimal.
  5. How much storage do you require?Scanning all your documents and storing them on a server rental or in the cloud can take time and cost your organization money. Knowing your storage requirements in advance can help determine what your budgetary needs will be.
  6. What are your security measurements?

    Whether your documents are in the cloud, on a server or in a file cabinet, you need to know that only the individuals authorized to view and comment on the documents can do so.If your documents will be electronic, you need sign-in credentials and strong passwords. If manual, you will need a process to ensure only the individuals who should see the document are viewing it.

Hartford Technology Rental Can Help with Document Management

Whether your needs are to rent a copier, scanner, cloud computing or something else, Hartford Technology Rental is your technology rental provider to help your business store and manage your important documents.