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Love is in the Air … Technology Love

Love is in the Air … Technology Love

Reasons to Love Technology

It’s Throwback Thursday and love is in the air. In honor of Valentine’s Day this weekend, let’s share some of our sweet posts that reflect our love for technology and how technology can help businesses prosper.

5 Reasons Why iPad is Your Valentine

With Valentine’s Day coming up, did you ever think your iPad could be your Valentine? Explore 5 sweet reasons why an iPad may be an ideal Valentine.

Why I Love the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Is Microsoft Surface Pro 4 a good alternative to a laptop? Find out why and what I love about the Surface Pro 4, one of the best tablets on the market.

How to Make PowerPoint Your New BFF

PowerPoint is the most used presentation tool but can be misused. Follow these 4 tips on how to make PowerPoint your new BFF for presentation success.

Microsoft Office 2016 Focuses On Collaboration

Review the latest features of Microsoft's newest Office suite, what it means to your business and how Microsoft Office 2106 focuses on collaboration.

Surface Hub Takes Collaborating to Whole New Level

Business teams may need to collaborate on complex projects. Learn how the new Microsoft Surface Hub can take collaborating on projects to a whole new level.

8 Sweet Tips for a Successful Outdoor Event

Discover 8 sweet tips on how to prepare for an outdoor event and get recommendations for renting audiovisual equipment for events outside.

We Love Technology Rental

We love technology, its trends and solutions. That is why Hartford Technology Rental, a premiere technology rental company, understands the challenges of corporate rentals and event rentals. Ready to love short-term technology rentals? We are here to help – give us a call at 888-520-5667.