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Little Ideas that Make Big Impact on Events

Little Ideas that Make Big Impact on Events

Have you ever put your blood, sweat and tears into planning and executing an event only to have ho-hum attendance or no buzz about it? You did everything by the book, but in the end your boss and stakeholders were left wondering why they even held it to begin with.

Here is the latest research by CrowdCompass by Cvent that shares with you how to improve engagement and attendance at your event. I have also included a few of my own ideas and tips.

Breaking Down The Budget

According to MCI Building Community, a meeting and event trends company, there are:

  • 10 million meetings held annually in the world
  • With a total spend of $565 Billion which means
  • The average spend per meeting is $56,500 of which
  • 36% of planners state their budget for the largest event was $100K+

The budget breaks down into the following categories:

  • 25% Entertainment & Speakers
  • 23% Food & Beverage
  • 16% Venue
  • 15% Event Rentals
  • 15% Marketing
  • 6% Miscellaneous

Improve Event Attendance

Here are six ideas you can do to improve your attendance rates by reviewing your invitation process and pricing strategy.

  • Before doing anything, get your ducks in a row.

    Make sure you have your venue, speakers and sponsors secured before promoting your event. Attendees can’t decide whether your event is worth it unless they know the details. Make it easy for them to say yes and difficult for them to say no.

  • It is a numbers game.

    If you take a typical event, 25% will always attend and 25% will not, leaving you with a 50% swing in attendance that you need to work hard to get there. So if you want 100 attendees at your meeting you will need to invite at least 125 individuals; but realistically probably more than that.

  • Promoting your event with music, photos and videos increases views by 221% over standard email or snail mail invitations.

    This year, take photos of your speakers and then create a music video. Post them on your website and social channels. Ask your speakers and sponsors to share their marketing collateral with you and send something to your potential audience on a regular basis.

    For next year’s event, capture the excitement of this year’s meeting by setting up iPad rental stations with Instagram and Vine apps so attendees can take photos and videos of what is going on at the conference. Save those clippings and put them together in a video montage with music. Drip them out to your invitees starting four months before your event.

  • Remember that only 35% of those registered for free events will actually attend.

    This is terrible news for organizations that want to host free events – a 65% dropout rate. Why? Much of it has to do with how busy your attendees are and even though they may have all the right intentions, something or someone prohibits them from attending.

    Look at charging for your valuable content but don’t set the fee too low or too high. If it is too low, attendees can potentially still blow you off and too high they won’t register at all.

  • Send reminders.

    Event reminders 24-48 hours before your event, increases registration and/or attendance by 8 percent. If possible, let people register and cancel right up to the day before the event. I know this can wreak havoc on your catering needs, but if your meeting does not require scheduled travel, flexibility will help with attendance.

Maximize Mobile Technology

According to CrowdCompass research, here are three reasons you want to utilize tablet rentals at your next conference. Mobile apps:

  • Increase attendee engagement by 33%
  • Increase sponsorship sales by 13% and
  • Decrease printing costs by 7%

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