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Leasing – a Flexible Alternative for Your Computing Needs?

Leasing – a Flexible Alternative for Your Computing Needs?

When expanding technology needs, often times an organization will consider one of two options: 1) Rent a laptop or computer or 2) Purchase it.

However, there is another alternative: leasing.

With computing power doubling every 12-24 months, leasing has many advantages over purchasing and can be less expensive than renting, especially if you fall into that 1-2 year timeline on equipment needs.

Let’s take a deeper look into leasing and five of its advantages.

Leasing Frees Up Organizational Cash Flow

Let’s face it; if you are not in the computer business, you have a finite amount of capital monies set aside to improve and allow your business to remain competitive.

If you purchase computers, that cash is gone and the equipment that is essential to your business’ future has now been pushed out another year.

In addition, since leasing is a set amount of money each month, there is no big down payment required. You can anticipate your budgetary needs over the time of the lease.

No Worries about Maintenance and Repairs

When your computer goes down, you can count on your vendor to provide you with computer maintenance services along with 24/7 technical support to troubleshoot any problems you may encounter.

Unless you have a large IT service staff, allocating the time and effort to fix and swap out computers at your company can be a real headache and time burner.

Upgrade Options Abound

You might be in the middle of your lease and a better product comes along to replace or enhance the equipment you have. With a purchase, you are stuck unless you decide to sell the equipment yourself. With a lease, you can have an “upgrade” clause instituted into your contract that states for x dollars more per month, you can swap out your existing option and move to the latest equipment available.

Tax Benefits are Available

e it is true that purchasing equipment gives you a deduction on your taxes for depreciation, leasing also has tax benefits because the lease payments can be treated as a business expense.

Sensitive Data is secured

When you swap out old equipment for new or decide to return the leased equipment, you can be certain of two things: 1) The transfer to the new equipment will be secure and all your data will transfer easily and 2) Once your old equipment is retired, your hard drive is wiped clean of any sensitive or secure data from your organization.

How Hartford Technology Rental can help

We can offer you the Hartford Lease Alternative Program with flexible options for upgrades and improved service levels with pre-configurations and 24/7 support! We will work within your needs and budget to find the best computing solution for you. Give us a call at 888.520.5667 to speak with an experienced representative today!