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Last-Minute Technology Needs: We Have You Covered

Last-Minute Technology Needs: We Have You Covered

6 Real-Life Business Scenarios

Whether you are planning a sales meeting or a preparing for a court case, technology is an ever present need in completing the task at hand in a timely and efficient manner. And whether you have more individuals than originally anticipated or you need large monitor rentals to review evidence side-by side, having a relationship with a technology vendor is oh so important – especially for those last minute needs.

Below are six situations where Hartford Technology Rental definitely has you covered; many of which you probably can relate to because some version of these business scenarios probably have happened to you.

Training Attendance Problem

You are the corporate trainer and are coming in to share important HR policies and procedures all employees should know. The problem?

You thought there were training 12 individuals in your session but when you arrive, you realized the assistant you were dealing with transposed the numbers and you are really training 21.

Because the app you are using in your training is optimized for mobile technology, you need tablet rentals immediately! With 24/7 sales support, the right partner can preload the software and have your units ready to go wherever you are.

Out of Compliance

The state auditor makes a surprise visit to the office and they have declared you are currently out of HIPPA compliance.

Your department has a stack of documents that need to be scanned and stored on a cloud rental or securely destroyed with crisscross shredder rentals. And the auditor wants this completed by the time they leave at 5 PM today.

Presentation SNAFU

The presenter brought his laptop but it doesn’t connect to the LCD projector rental. You need a different laptop or an accessory that can make his laptop work.

Having a local provider or better yet, an AV technician on site can solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Litigation Document Reviews

Your firm just landed a large case and has established a war room to review thousands of documents over the next few days. Not only are you calling in all your resources, but you need additional computing power and large monitors to review and collaborate whether certain pieces of evidence are valuable or not.

The ability to call your rental partner 24 hours, 7 days a week is important in order to have the equipment delivered when and where you need it.

Trade Show Booth Charging Needs

You are hundreds of miles away from the office and you need a USB charging station to keep all your technology charged in your booth. It is too late to ship it and you can’t do without it on long, technology intensive days.

Calling a local provider to deliver this accessory to your booth can save the day – and the guarantee of on-time delivery means you can receive it well before the start of the show.

Business Continuity Services

Your office was flooded and you need to rent technology immediately at a temporary site, until you can wade through the insurance claims and find a permanent location.

A provider that has a breadth and depth of equipment you need, will help get your business up and running in no time!

Hartford Technology Rental is Your Last-Minute Provider

We have the technology rentals you need, when you need them. Whether you need to rent a laptop or a whole slew of scanners, Hartford Technology Rental has you covered with a quick telephone call to our 24/7 contact center at 888.520.5667.