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Kiosk Rental Options for Events

Kiosk Rental Options for Events

You’re planning an event to sell one of your brand-new products but for the event to go off, you’re going to need to hire a few staff members to take tickets, take money for tickets, sell food, and also take any questions about the product or set people up to preorder and buy it. 

Hiring all of these staff members can honestly cost more than what you made at the event. You can cut down on some of this by bringing in a few kiosks. There are many different types but one thing is for certain, they can become the bread and butter of an event.

Keep reading to see all the different kiosks rental options available to you.

1. Information/Directory 

At your event, some people may get lost depending on how large the event is. You may have different events going on in different rooms. You could have someone standing outside, or you could rent a kiosk. 

People can see where everything is at, or what time different speakers are presenting with the push of a button. Museums and malls use these all the time to display information or direct people. 

2. Product Promotion 

While you’ll probably be speaking about your product at your event, you can have a kiosk out in front of the different rooms that have the basic information about it displayed. This will interest people who are walking by to venture into your event to see more. 

You can also gain the favor of potential customers by having a product promotion kiosk that allows them to sign up for deals and promotions. People love saving money. 

3. Self-Service 

If you’re planning on selling tickets for your event you can have a kiosk where people pay for tickets and they are printed out right there. This will reduce traffic with people coming into the event. 

Also, if you plan on serving food, you can have self-service kiosks where people order food so your staff can see the orders, prepare them, and bring them out to the customer. 

4. Vending

Originally, vending kiosks were used solely for printing tickets, this has changed over the years though and now they dispense products.

Say you’re marketing a new product and your event is to tell consumers about it. You can rent a kiosk and fill it with sample products. This will allow new and current customers to try out your new product which will get them excited about it and enhance brand awareness. 

Kiosks Rental Options You’ll Want to Consider for Your Next Event 

When you’re hosting an event, you’ll need people to help you run it. While you can hire people to handle the entire event, a kiosk can do a few simple jobs that you don’t necessarily need staff interaction for. Consider one of these great kiosks rental options to help out at your next event. 

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