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Key Techniques to Improve Customer Service

Key Techniques to Improve Customer Service

It doesn’t matter whether you run a small or large business, without good customer service your business is sunk. Especially in today’s technology driven world, customers expect almost immediate resolution to their problems; or at a minimum, a plan to fix their issue when they hang up the phone.

First, let’s focus on how you handle customer service issues today. Then, based on your observations, the solutions detailed below may (or may not) be necessary to improve your call center process.

Measure Current Call Center Process

Take one week to study the following:

  • How long does it take to resolve a customer’s problem? Does the employee have to go to file drawer, write out a ticket or transfer them to another extension? If it takes days instead of minutes to resolve an issue, you have an opportunity for improvement.

  • How many touch points does it take to pull up the client’s record? Have you ever called a customer service line and gave the first person all your information only to have you transferred to another person and start the process all over again? If you can’t capture the data once and resolve the issue with one person most of the time, this is another area for improvement.

  • How long are customers on hold? Do you have a system to tell them how long they will be in the queue? Measure the average wait time and work on ways to make them shorter.

  • How many callers abandon the call before it is resolved? How many hang up before you get to them or get frustrated with your solution and hang up? If you are receiving more hang ups or upset callers than satisfied ones, something needs to change.

Determine Changes Required to Customer Service Process

  • In today’s instantaneous society, most clients expect resolution to their problem while they are on the phone or within one business day.

    Provide your employees with fast, reliable technology that has plenty of bandwidth. Optimally, store all your data on a cloud rental solution where employees can store, share and collaborate on customer data. No more file cabinets, support tickets or paper trails.

  • With a cloud solution and large monitor rentals at each desk, employees will be able to easily pull up the customer’s data and record any action taken. Even if the call is transferred to another, the data will go along with the call. No need to ask the customer to repeat themselves.

  • In order to shorten the time on hold, you can give customers and prospects other options which include:

    • Going to your website and opening a chat session
    • Sending an email or
    • Giving them a callback number where an employee can call back during slower times
    • When you provide customers options, you may experience greater call abandonment because they have selected different way to get ahold of your organization. The question is: Are you resolving issues faster and to the complete satisfaction level of the customer?

Give Employees the Tools

In order to meet today’s customer demands, employees should have:

  1. Fast, robust Internet
  2. Large monitors to view multiple documents at the same time
  3. Access to the cloud for collaboration
  4. Computer rentals with adequate memory and RAM to handle a plethora of data
  5. Measurement tools to determine the beginning and close of a customer call
  6. A system the employee is familiar with and wants to work on

The key is to give employees the training to make them successful, measure progress and solicit feedback from customers to determine what needs to change.

Hartford Technology Rental Has the Technology Tools

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