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Key Elements in Choosing the Right Business Laptop Rentals

Key Elements in Choosing the Right Business Laptop Rentals

The task of approving new laptops for employees can be an overwhelming task to someone who doesn’t have an extensive IT support team to lean on. With so many choices, how can you make the right decision?

Bottom line: Your decision must be based on several factors, the most important one being how the employee will use the technology. Here are the other nine things to consider when evaluating laptops for your business.

Business Laptop Rentals Considerations

Operating System

There are three distinct laptop OS types:

  1. macOS, this is Apple’s operating system.
  2. Windows 10, Microsoft’s operating system for most laptops.
  3. Chrome OS, the operating system for the Chromebook.

Applications usually run on one OS platform. Check your app requirements first, before choosing a unit.


The Central Processing Unit (CPU) determines the speed and performance of the unit. All laptops have different versions of Intel chips. The Chromebook is on the low-end while gaming laptops are at the high-end.


Random Access Memory (RAM) typically comes in 2-32 GB. Many factors contribute to the right amount of memory each user needs. Click here to access a good article about memory requirements.

Touch Screen

Will the employee need a touchscreen laptop rental? Please keep in mind these units use more battery power and are heavier than those without it.


Is the person going to be typing all the time? Remember, the smaller the laptop, the smaller the keyboard. You may wish to test a variety of laptop rentals, especially for those who type for several hours a day.


Employees who spend a great deal of their time out of the office, will want a unit that weighs very little. The ultrabook rental may be a good choice for them.

Battery Life

Every laptop offers different battery life expectancies. Most are between the 12-14 hour range, depending on what you are doing with them.

Hybrid Units

These units are a combination of tablet and laptop, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Employees that travel a lot or currently switch back and forth between a laptop and tablet are great candidates for this device.

Laptop Budget

Rental fees will vary depending on the performance, storage and memory requirements. In addition, such factors as battery life, weight, monitor size and keyboard also factor into the cost.

Rent Your Work Laptops with Confidence

Reviewing the factors listed above, should give you the boost you need when renting a laptop. We rent Apple laptops, as well as, Microsoft-based ones. We are a laptop rental Chicago based supplier! Give us a call at 888-520-5667 to learn more!