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Is Your Company Ready for Earth Day?

Is Your Company Ready for Earth Day?

Whether you work in an office or are planning an event, every April 22nd is a good time to reflect about the little things we all can do to help make the earth a better place to live.

Is your company ready for Earth Day? Let’s focus on ways employees can collectively celebrate Earth Day and how events can be more sustainable tomorrow and in future years to come.

Earth Day Suggestions for Business

  • Declare a day dedicated to the Earth.
    While it might be too soon to organize one for this year, designate a day for the entire office staff to clear out the clutter. This may include cleaning out the company kitchen, scanning, recycling and shredding papers, and giving away things that are currently locked in storage.

    In addition, pick up all the trash on the property and plant a few trees. Get everyone to agree this should be an annual event and start planning for next year.

  • Give employees incentives to bike, walk or carpool to work.
    Have employees track when they take alternative transportation to work. Each month, give the employee with the most points a gift card and recognize them on your website.

  • Set up recycling centers.
    Encourage employees to recycle paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and certain plastics. Have stations in several locations throughout the office and empty them once a week. In addition, have a place for recycled printer cartridges and return them to the office supply store once a month.

  • Work on “green” company-wide goals.
    Ask everyone in the facility for their suggestions on ways to be more green as a company. Vote online for the top 3 suggestions. The ones that receive the most votes, will become your goals

Earth Day Suggestions for Events

  • Move toward plant-based, locally grown foods.
    Cutting down on meats can leave a smaller footprint on the planet. In addition, locally grown foods support the economy, and since there is no shipping and minimum storage, the environmental impact is low.

  • Use live plants for table decorations.
    Not only do real plants enhance the air quality in a meeting, they also contribute to the mood. Once the meeting is over, raffle off the plants to attendees.

  • Get rid of bottled water.
    Use a pitcher with glasses or encourage attendees to bring their own water bottle and provide tap water to fill it up.

  • Reduce food waste.
    Become vigilant about the RSVP process so you order the right amount of food and beverages. If you have leftovers, determine if you can donate them to a homeless shelter or food bank.

  • Go mobile.
    Get rid of all paper by moving to mobile apps on tablet or iPad rentals. Most anything an attendee can do via paper, there is an app for it. Many apps are free or at a low cost, and the results can be stored on a cloud rental.

  • No handouts, please.
    Have speakers upload their presentations to a collaborative based platform and share access with attendees while at the meeting.

Engage with A Green Partner

We at Hartford Technology Rental are committed to going green tomorrow and every day. From recycled cartridges from our printer rentals to reusing packaging and shipping containers, we try very hard to engage in sustainable practices every day.