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Is There An App For That?

Is There An App For That?

The iPad is an extremely cool piece of hardware. But what can you really do with one that might benefit you and your business? Or to be more precise, what kind of apps are available to help utilize this new tool?

  1. Keynote. Keynote is like PowerPoint without the steroids. It’s great for presentations.
  2. Power Presenter. This app lets you present a PDF file and then using the pen and erase markings you can “write” on the presentation. Later you can also email the marked up document to other people.
  3. Dropbox or Box.net. Both of these apps allow you to store your data and can serve as a backup utility for your important items.
  4. GoDocs. This app gives you access to Google Documents, which is an alternative to using Microsoft Office.
  5. Idea Boards. This app turns your iPad in to a Legal Pad, Graph Paper, Chalk Board or White Board.
  6. Instaviz. This app will let you create flow charts on your iPad.

There are many more productivity apps being developed every day. All you need is an iPad. And if you need to rent an iPad, Hartford Technology Rentals can help! Call us today at 888-520-5667 or online.