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Is PowerPoint Still Relevant?

Is PowerPoint Still Relevant?

Believe it or not, PowerPoint (PPT) was introduced to the marketplace in 1987. Regardless where you stand on its effectiveness, it still is the most used presentation tool in the world.

In fact, it is estimated that:

  • There are over 500 million PowerPoint users today and
  • 30 million presentations are created every single day

It isn’t just used by corporations either. Individuals, non-profits and groups use PowerPoint to get their message across and influence others.

However, over the years, PowerPoint has gotten a blackeye as it has been banned by many organizations, such as the US Department of Defense, Diageo and Accenture due to ineffective presentation practices. It has also earned the phrase “Death by PowerPoint” as a term for boring, verbose presentations where many presenters simply read the slides.

It is my belief that PowerPoint is an incredible tool and just like any software platform, it can be abused. Below are six best practices to keep in mind when creating your next PowerPoint presentation, as well as, a comparison to two tools that may or may not replace PowerPoint in the future.

PowerPoint Best Practices

  1. Develop an outline.
    Before opening up a PowerPoint presentation, work on an outline of what you want to say and the order you want to present the information.
  2. Tell a story and use visuals effectively.
    Everyone loves a great story and that is what PPT should convey. The image and/or video must be memorable and have a lasting impact.
  3. Follow the 10/20/30 rule.
    According to Guy Kawasaki, all PowerPoint presentations should have:

    1. No more than 10 slides
    2. Be no longer than 20 minutes and
    3. Use 30-point font.
  4. Upgrade to PowerPoint 2016.
    It has many enhancements, including the ability to create and view presentations on mobile platforms, save presentations on cloud storage and collaboration.

    If you are using previous versions of PPT, now is the time to upgrade.

  5. Make sure everyone can see and hear the presentation.
    Use large screen monitor rentals that are strategically placed throughout the room to ensure attendees can see the presentation. In addition, invest in enough microphone rentals for audience members can ask questions of the presenter.
  6. Rent the LCD projector, laptop and screens from the same company.
    Rather than trying to make the presentation work with the speaker’s laptop, insist they provide a jump drive or send the presentation to you electronically several days before the meeting. By renting everything from one supplier, you are assured of a seamless integration of technology and smooth sailing on conference day.

Alternatives to PowerPoint


With 75 million users, Prezi is a strong alternative to PowerPoint. It is cloud based and collaborative, just like PPT 16, but its biggest strength is the ability to jump around to different slides without going through a linear process.


This is Apple’s response to Microsoft. Keynote offers presentation themes on a cloud based, mobile ready basis.

For a complete overview of the Pros and Cons of each presentation tool, click here.

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