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Is Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Positioned to Replace Laptops?

Is Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Positioned to Replace Laptops?

On Tuesday of this week, Microsoft launched their third generation Surface Pro, making it much faster, lighter and thinner than previous models. The Pro 3 will have limited availability in May and early June, but will be generally available on June 20.

“It’s a tablet when you need it and a laptop when you want it,” stated Brian Eskridge, Senior Manager at Microsoft at Tuesday’s product launch in New York City.

We will take a look at some of the key features and takeaways from this announcement. As you look to plan meetings, seminars and conferences the Surface may be a better option than a standard laptop rental for many of the reasons listed below. Let’s take a look:

The Screen

The new Pro 3 has a 12 inch screen which makes it more laptop-like and very comfortable for reading and typing. According to Mashable, you need at least an 11-inch screen to “get things done” with regards to standard laptop apps.

The touchscreen is more responsive than previous models. Having a pixel resolution of 2,160 x 1,440 makes the screen bright and lively because it delivers sharp, high-contrast images.

The Kickstand

The new kickstand can be set up from 30 to 150 degrees, allowing the tablet to be placed in different positions for maximum viewability.

The Keyboard

The detachable Type Cover magnetically secures itself under the screen which is a big improvement over the previous models which were prone to detaching when you were typing on your lap.

The new Type Cover has a 70% larger trackpad, more stability and minimal keyboard shake. In addition, it is 45% larger than previous models, thus bringing back keyboard clickability.

Weight and Thickness

Because the Pro 3 weighs a little less than 2 pounds and is roughly 1/3” thick, this version is lighter and thinner than the Pro 2 – making it very portable.

Operating System

The Pro 3 works on the Windows 8.1 operating system.


It is estimated that the Surface currently has 42,000+ apps, of which many of them are games.

Key Takeaways

J. P. Gownder, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research stated, “The weight, battery life, flexible kickstand, active stylus and other features sound incremental, but taken together, they make the new Surface a formidable market competitor. It is lighter than a MacBook Air and has more full-features than an iPad.”

When your employees or attendees are looking to use mobile devices, are familiar with Office applications and wish to use a keyboard, the Surface Pro 3 may be the right solution.

The greatest concern with this new device is the lack of business apps currently available. However, if this tablet solution is readily adapted, the apps will quickly follow.

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