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Is Holistic Legal Technology Coming Soon?

Is Holistic Legal Technology Coming Soon?

Based on my research, the legal community is sorely lacking a software app that “can do it all”. However, as software becomes more robust in this arena, many technical experts agree law firms around the country should be preparing for holistic technology in order to remain competitive in their field.

So, how do you prepare for the future? Here are five courses of action you can take today.

Preparing for a Holistic Approach

Think hard about your needs.

Every law firm has different technology needs at different times depending on the firm’s workload. Prioritize your needs based on productivity increases, especially if you are a paper-driven firm. Estimate the initial cost output and the real cost savings over time.

Get to the cloud.

Cloud-based applications are being developed and enhanced by legal tech organizations at a rapid rate. Given that the cloud allows for maximum collaboration, real-time updates and backup, if your organization isn’t on the cloud yet, you should be moving in this direction.

A painless way to try it out is to select a few non-client files, rent scanners and direct the scanned files to a private, secure cloud rental. Be sure to also rent shredders to ensure confidential data is not compromised in any way.

Vet your vendors.

Find out what your application provider is planning in the future regarding a turnkey solution. Understand their encryption standards, as a highly encrypted app will have less likelihood of being hacked. Call all references, read reviews and consult a legal software expert for their opinion.

Set up cybersecurity policies and procedures.

Since most cyber-attacks occur within organizations by disgruntled or ex-employees, it is important to set up standards for passwords, procedures when employees leave and security clearance on all data and applications.

Be wary of working with multiple software solutions.

Integration of technology can be tough enough, but add the complexity of Vendor A, B and C to the mix and things can get harried very quickly. Try to stay with one hardware rental company, one operating system and one or two software solutions.

Also, remember, when working with multiple vendors you can experience security risks, increased cost and a frustrated staff as finger pointing can ensue. Keep things simple and work toward a streamlined vendor approach.

Benefits of Holistic Approach

A holistic approach is definitely the way to go as it will increase productivity, decrease costs and provide one place for all data related to each client and attorney. However, given today’s offerings, it is important to follow the steps listed above in order to prepare for what is around the corner.

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