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Is Gaming in Your Event’s Future?

Is Gaming in Your Event’s Future?

When you think about the word “games”, it can conjure up various thoughts from board games to Play Stations to online avatar games like the World of Warcraft. It makes me think of young children and teenagers sitting in front of a game board or TV for countless hours; happy that they have won the game or achieved a new level. Whatever the game, it usually ends up being both fun and challenging; so much so, that gamers want to continue playing it again and again.

But can this level of enjoyment and competitive spirit be brought to meetings and events? Yes! With the right planning, a gamification experience can be created for your next meeting. So let’s examine what game playing really looks like, how you get started and some awesome hardware choices and apps you might want to look into to take the meeting experience to the next level.

What is Event Gamification?

Simply stated, it is the use of game like thinking to:

  • Boost engagement
  • Increase brand loyalty and
  • Add an element of fun to your meeting.

Start with Your Event Goals

Before selecting a gamification methodology, give some serious thought about what exactly you are trying to accomplish at your meeting. Is it to:

  • Increase interaction between your exhibitors and attendees?
  • Promote more networking between attendees?
  • Help employees digest a complex topic in a fun and interactive way?
  • Provide a mechanism for team building?
  • Gain more feedback from attendees about your conference?

Whatever your goal, make certain the solution is aligned with it. For example, it makes no sense to have a scavenger hunt, if team building is not one of your goals.

Event Gamification Examples

They are often tech based, but don’t always have to be (think board game vs. PS 4). Here are a few examples of games I have either used myself or heard of that are very successful:

  1. Setting up an Instagram station full of fun props such as hats, scarfs and glasses. Use iPad rentals to capture the moments. Whenever an attendee is photographed AND uses the event hashtag, they receive a point for each pic.

  2. Encourage selfies with others at the event. The person that is photographed, the most, with a different person each time, receives a $50 gift card from Starbucks.

  3. Give each attendee a Bingo card at the start of the event. Each exhibitor will have a bingo number and as attendees obtain a bingo, they win a small prize and are put in a drawing for the Bingo grand prize.

    If you wish to use technology instead, you can utilize an app like Badgeville to encourage attendees to visit exhibitors, attend sessions and gain points. Prizes are given out to those with the most points.

  4. Using tablet rentals, encourage attendees to tweet happenings throughout the conference day. The tweet with the most retweets, wins a prize.

  5. Using a scavenger hunt app, formulate teams that will compete with each other to win the hunt. An app like GooseChase, gives you 100+ templates to formulate the right scavenger hunt for your event.

  6. Constantly ask for feedback during your event via a polling app. Enter everyone who takes your polls into a drawing for multiple prizes.

Items Needed to Create a Gaming Experience

Here is a list of some of the items you may need to make your event gaming experience complete:

  • A photo station set up with props, Instagram frame and iPad rentals for snapping the pics
  • Bingo cards for attendees
  • Mobile devices with social channels, scavenger hunt app and/or polling app already installed on it.

Hartford Technology Rental is Ready to Play with You

We have the equipment for all your gamification needs and would love to speak with you! We will deliver the equipment with all the apps installed on the system so your attendees are ready to go from the moment they arrive at your conference. Give us a call at 888.520.5667 to learn more about all we have to offer!