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iPad Rental Helps Sales Teams Close Business

iPad Rental Helps Sales Teams Close Business

I spent a better part of my career in sales from the 1980s to early 2000s. Most of the time, I was schlepping product binders, marketing collateral and samples into an overstuffed briefcase from prospect to prospect in hopes of closing a sale. It was exhausting and stressful because if I forgot something (i.e. a product sample, contract), most likely I had to come back and try to close the sale all over again.

Thank goodness the days of thick product catalogs, collateral and prospect binders are gone. All of that can easily be replaced with small, lightweight iPad rentals that can contain everything a sales person could ever want and need. An Apple iPad weighs less than one pound, is lightning fast and with the right apps, can help your sales team close business more effectively and efficiently, using all the attributes this mobile device has to offer.

7 Different iPad Sales Apps

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Base CRM and Sales Tracking

Designed specifically for the middle market and large enterprises, Base is a productivity tool for sales representatives from any industry. However, the majority of Base’s customers are from software, manufacturing, financial services, and consulting arenas.

This app cost is $25 a seat per month and offers mobile integration in the following areas:

  • Email templates for quick, personalized communication right before or after a call
  • Automatic call logging and call outcome tracking
  • Communication tracking including complete sync functionality on the cloud
Resco CRM

Resco Mobile CRM is a perfect fit for sales reps who are virtual or on the road. Because it is a native app, the sales person can use it as a standalone CRM solution and sync to existing CRM backend systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CX, Salesforce or another 3rd party system once a day. They offer a wide variety pricing and are targeted to almost any client size.

Pricing Apps

Profit Story

This $1.99 app is for sales reps that are frequently asked to discount their products or services. It is a calculator that allows the sales person to calculate selling price based on cost, makeup, and breakeven analysis. The rep can quickly see the impact of the different pricing scenarios and negotiate a discount that works for all; while the customer is on the phone or in the room.

Tracking Orders


Bottomline is a free sales and customer tracking app for small businesses. It is designed for individuals who sells high value goods or services to a small number of clients or customers.

Typical users might be:

  • Photographers
  • Boutiques
  • Personal Trainers or
  • Hair Stylists

Bottomline helps you track all the product sales, customers and expenses all in one place.


Handshake is a free app designed for manufacturer sales reps who write sales orders and present catalogs on the road, at tradeshows or in a showroom. This app allows reps to take automated orders on the iPad rental based on the customer’s order history and keeps all product information, including inventory status levels, within the app.

Motivation Apps

Expect Success

Expect Success is a 99 cent app that is like having a motivational speaker hidden in your iPad. It provides a constantly updated set of motivational phrases and videos to help give your team positive ammunition when things are looking down.

Visualize Success with Andrew Johnson

This $2.99 application is designed to help sales reps visualize success. This app can break any negative beliefs and gives your sales force the added resources to achieve their goals.

Hartford Technology Rental is iPad-Centric

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