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Interesting Apple Predictions: But Will They Pan Out?

Interesting Apple Predictions: But Will They Pan Out?

In June, developers gathered at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC16) in San Francisco to learn about the future of OS X, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. And while this community is primarily dedicated to the consumer market, TechRepublic took away some interesting predictions that can be applicable in the business arena also.

Here are four you might be able to hang your hat on come October or at another flash point in the future.

Siri Gets Better

As an avid iPhone user, this is one enhancement I would love to see. There is much competition in this arena with Cortana on Microsoft Surface Pro rentals and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations by Google and Amazon.

It is suggested that for business use, Siri will be able to act as a mouse, control panel and product demonstration medium, all through voice activation. For example:

  • It will be able to advance presentation slides
  • Control the temperature, lighting and sound in a meeting room and
  • Allow business professionals to showcase their products anywhere at any time.

In addition, Apple is expected to release a Siri SDK, which means that developers will now be able to incorporate it into their apps. Siri will work with other third-party apps business travelers use on a daily basis, such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Lyft, just to name a few.

This would be something to see – better yet, it would be awesome if Siri’s ability to decipher requests in a noisy car or loud conference room improved substantially so you wouldn’t have to ask her four or five times for the same information.

MacBook Pro, Business Style

Just as the iPad Pro and iPhone SE target business professionals, it is expected the MacBook Pro  will be replaced with a new line of models that will include USB and Thunderbolt ports.

The new models are expected to be sleeker, faster and more secure which is essential for enterprise professionals. As Apple continues to try and eat away at the array of laptop and tablet providers, the key for Apple is to show they can effectively and efficiently run typical business applications on their platforms.

iOS 10 Improvements


iMessage, Apple’s chat app, will have an app drawer, meaning you can send money with Square for product orders, order food with DoorDash for your corporate meeting, and so on.


In addition, 10 is expected to have a better security system called Rootless which is going to make jailbreakers cry. Given the FBI’s ability to crack into 9, Tim Cook and his development team are not going to allow this to happen again.

Both of these enhancements, along with other personal ones, and the fact that iOS 10 provides the Siri enhancements listed above, will make this version a good upgrade for all Apple rentals.

Watch OS 2, Maybe Apple Watch 2

While the next operating system is going to deliver improvements – like better native app support, tetherless Wi-Fi and the ability to watch videos, reply to emails and make FaceTime audio calls – most developers agree the current Watch doesn’t have the power to run this operating system effectively. Therefore, it is expected at some point next year, Apple will announce the Watch 2.

What does this mean for professionals? In my opinion, not much. Wearables are still a long way off from replacing anything but your everyday watch and a FitBit. The operating system and hardware platform need a lot of help before they get there – but this day will happen – as microchips get smaller and technology becomes adaptable.

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