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Instagram Video Vs. Vine

Instagram Video Vs. Vine

Beginning yesterday afternoon, June 24,2013, and ending this morning, we took a poll on our Google+,Twitter, and Facebook pages to see if more people prefer Instagram Video or Vine for video sharing. Though only 6 people responded, all through Twitter, Vine won with 5 votes. Thus, only one voter choose Instagram video. Looks like Instagram video won’t be the death of Vine, so I wouldn’t go deleting your Vine account just yet.

Though Vine may have won over our small poll, there are obvious incentives with both applications. They may serve very similar purposes, but the two applications ARE different. Here are some positive facts that make each application different:

Instagram Video:
Longer videos, 15 seconds, Vine has only 6 seconds
Allows you to adjust focus and exposure while recording
Allows you to edit if you made a mistake
Allows you to put a filter on your video and/or add a caption as well

Allows you to save your video even if you don’t want to share it
Easier to discover videos, Instagram’s “Explore” page includes photos and videos
Full Twitter card support

Thus, neither Instagram Video or Vine are going anywhere anytime soon. Make it worth your while and follow us on both:
Instagram: HartfordRental
Vine: HartfordRental