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Innovations in Video Production

Innovations in Video Production

Some movies might be timeless, but the way that they’re being filmed is constantly evolving. 

Film and video technology is advancing, and that’s creating new opportunities whether you’re making a marketing video for your business or producing a documentary. When you’re buying or renting video equipment, you should be aware of the latest advancements in technology that you have at your disposal.

Here are 5 innovations that have changed the landscape of video production.

Innovations in Video Production

1. Smarter Drones

Drones armed with cameras have been used for some time now to get shots that you previously would only be able to get from a helicopter or plane. 

But there’s a new generation of drones on the horizon that not only rise above the others (pun intended) but can also get the right shots based on parameters.

That means that someday in the near future, computerized algorithms will tell the drone what angle to shoot, and what objects to avoid running into. 

2. Upload-Free Video Sharing 

Consumer videocams in 2020 and beyond will offer professional-quality videos that anyone can create. 

With a combination of high-resolution video and touchscreen features, anyone will be able to stream an event. Editing will easily be done on-screen, and consumers will be able to share their experience on YouTube or another platform almost instantly. 

3. Three-Dimensional Virtual Reality

The creation of virtual reality (VR) content and video games is not new. But recording devices are poised to not only record in high-quality but also in true 3D to be viewed on a VR headset

The technology is already here, evident in the development of the first “true” 3D VR camera using overlapping lenses to create the depth when recording video. 

Imagine watching movies that are not only immersive but are so realistic thanks to the extra screen dimension that you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the action!

4. Advanced Sound Recording

Capturing exciting sound effects and voices clearly are essential to any good movie. Professional cameras are set to be able to connect with remote microphones that can be placed anywhere, automatically adjusting sound levels. 

This will also be useful for easier recording of videos that use surround sound. Professionals will have to worry less about adjusting sliders to ensure no sound clipping occurs, and there will be fewer or no wires required for transmission. 

5. Smartphones Becoming the Norm

Will we one day see professional cameras being replaced by smartphones for creating videos? In the entertainment space, it’s already happening – there have been entire movies filmed with them. There are a variety of tech tools being developed solely for the mobile phone videographer. 

But while smartphones may become more commonplace in movie making, it doesn’t mean the producer won’t still need creative vision to make it all work for the audience. 

Video Technology Keeps Moving Forward 

As camera and video technology continues to advance, it will mean new opportunities for businesses creating videos and entertainment professionals making movies; as well as offering new experiences for viewers! From autonomous recording devices to advanced VR, the possibilities are almost endless. 

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