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Innovation and Technology Predictions for 2020

Innovation and Technology Predictions for 2020

This year has welcomed a wave of tech innovations from the rise of personal assistants to the increasing use of chatbots.

The newest tech trends don’t only have a huge impact on our everyday lives. They’re also changing the face of industries as diverse as healthcare, e-commerce, and banking. 

As the new decade approaches, we are set to see a whole lot more trends take shape. Read on to find out what technology predictions you should expect to see in 2020.  

2020 Technology Predictions

5G Network

Number one on the list of technology to watch out for in 2020 is a lightning-fast internet connection courtesy of 5G WiFi. 

5G networks will allow for a simpler setup process, and as a result, they’re set to be a lot faster too. This will help make using driverless cars and drones a lot easier as they will be able to communicate with other smart vehicles in the vicinity. 

Mobile Commerce

Intuitive apps make shopping via our phones a breeze. But tech trends in 2020 will see our phones disrupt age-old shopping practices even more. That’s because Apple Pay and Google Wallet are set to replace cash and cards altogether.

With such a heavy reliance on smartphones, retailers, businesses and even event organizers will want to have phone charging kiosk rentals available to service clients and prospects. 

Internet of Things

You can’t discuss trends in tech without mentioning the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

It has been considered the next big thing in automation tech. IoT is an ecosystem of physical objects that can include items such as home appliances, vehicles, and equipment. Together, they exchange data via the internet without the need for human interaction. 

As well as the advanced features of personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, expect to see the IoT replace restaurant menus and advertising posters with internet-enabled screens. And, as these screens have beacons, you can expect to see content change based on reaction to your phone as you pass by and reveal all your preferences. 


Advanced printing options have revolutionized science and medicine in recent years by facilitating 3D printouts of prosthetic limbs. An even more exciting prospect is ‘bioprinting’ organ tissues.

Printouts of functional human tissue will offer far better predictors of drug response than animal subjects. This will ensure more efficient clinical trials, making it easier to develop new drugs and find suitable candidates. Plus, there is also the possibility that medical technicians will be able to use this technology in the future to ‘print’ human organs, such as hearts and livers. 

AI as a Service

By combining the SaaS (software as a science) business model with AI services, artificial intelligence will be available to the masses without the high price tag. 

AI provider platforms now offer services such as graphic processing unit (GPU) workloads. Companies like Microsoft and Google have already made advances in machine-learning solutions. As such, you should expect to see AI tasks offered as subscription services in 2020. 

Watch for These 2020 Technology Predictions

As these tech predictions indicate, concepts, once reserved for science fiction, are now becoming a reality.  From AI with learning capabilities to inter-communicative devices, the future sure looks exciting!

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