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In-House Training Saves You Time, Money and Talent

In-House Training Saves You Time, Money and Talent

Are you facing high turnover, low employee morale and/or productivity issues? If so, an in-house training program may be just the ticket you need!

The right educational program can help promote a positive and collaborative work environment and it doesn’t have to be an all-day affair. You can start with “Lunch and Learn” sessions and address one training initiative at a time. Or take 3-6 individuals into a learning lounge to train on a particular program. Whatever the vehicle, training can be both fluid and fulfilling. With the right tools, everyone can come out of the session feeling more equipped to fulfill the expectations of their company’s position.

Benefits of an Effective In-House Training Program

  • Employees Learn the Latest Competencies and Trends.
    When you hold a training session, employees feel valued. It shows you are willing to spend the time and money to make certain they are educated and certified. They will come away with a greater knowledge of the company and their job expectations.
  • Collaboration Happens.
    Whether it is gathering around a Microsoft Surface Hub rental to brainstorm with remote teammates or using an app on Surface rental units, interaction is the key to accomplishing your goal of effectively training your employees.
  • You can Attract New Talent.
    During the interview process, the team can convey the ongoing training process and how it benefits new employees. With the right feedback and insight, new employees will start to spread the word about the great organization they work for.
  • Retain Highly Qualified Employees.
    Once new employees are trained, most managers feel there is no need to give them additional learning opportunities. However, if seasoned employees are not trained properly or have not received any training for several years, they can feel ineffectual in their current position and are susceptible to leaving the organization.
  • Build Brand Awareness.
    If you have a strong and respected training program, it will now become part of your brand and the culture of the organization.

Essential Elements for the Training Room

First, the room has to be far enough away from employees’ cubicles and offices that they can give undivided attention to the process.

Second, the room has to be large and comfortable enough that teams can collaborate and learn. Overstuffed chairs, indirect and natural lighting and a quiet atmosphere all contribute to learning.

Third, bring on the goodies. Provide attendees with:

  • Water, coffee, tea and soda
  • Protein and snack bars
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Sandwiches

Fourth, make room for technology. Good options include:

Last, continue to reinforce the message every week through pulse surveys and/or standing morning meetings. Hearing different tidbits of the message over and over again will help reinforce the learning and encourage a culture of growth and stability.

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