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HTC Vive Pro Review: Features We Love

HTC Vive Pro Review: Features We Love

On April 5th, HTC announced the Vive Pro, an upgrade to their existing Virtual Reality (VR) platform. Here is a two-minute read on the product, along with the key market takeaways and we love about the latest virtual reality headset.

HTC Vive Pro Review

Better Optics

The biggest enhancement is in the arena of optics. The new screen panels offer 2,880 x 1,600 resolution and 615 Pixels Per Inch (PPI), which is a 78% resolution and 37% PPI improvement over the first-generation Vive. As of today, this unit has the highest resolution headset available on any VR unit.

Easy Set-Up

Setup is much easier. Once you plug the unit into the link box and your computer, HTC takes you through intuitive set-up instructions. This allows your organization to share the unit among departments and take it off premise to meetings and trade shows without concern that employees won’t know how to use it.

Functional Headset

The headset is more functional and comfortable. It has a knob in the back. When you turn it, a display pops up showing the lenses current position, so you can maximize focus. This can all be handled without taking the headpiece on and off multiple times. The padding is thicker, the headset is more balanced, and the rubber nose guards prevent light from filtering into the headset.

Fewer Cables

Rather than having three cables to the link box, the Pro has only one. Because it’s a singular cable, there is no twisting and tangling. However, being tethered to the computer is still a known limitation for users, which HTC acknowledges. A wireless adapter is expected to be announced later this year for the Pro.

Build-in Headphones

This unit has built-in headphones, which the original Vive didn’t have. They sit directly on top of the user’s ears and include volume control and height adjustments, again without having to take the unit off.

What’s Missing?

While most of the bells and whistles on the Pro are positive, one thing is still lacking: a better refresh rate. It offers 90Hz versus the standard 120Hz, which is 33% slower than most display technology offers.

Features We Love

All in all, this headset offers a new VR standard for optics. Easy-to-setup instructions can push curious non-users toward this technology. With better ergonomics, a person can wear the unit for an extended period. Lastly, a wireless adapter introduction later this year, will help free a user from cabling restrictions.

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