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How Will Smart Technologies Affect the Event Management Industry

How Will Smart Technologies Affect the Event Management Industry

From personal entertainment to business management, smart technologies are said to be changing everything. The impact of smart tech in some industries is even more significant the more that industry relies on technology.

Event management, in particular, has always relied on emerging technologies to drive growth. Today, smart technologies are about to transform the event management industry forever. Let’s take a closer look at what is changing and how.

Virtual Tickets, Online Registrations, and Remote Viewing

Mobile ticketing is perhaps the most important new trend in event management. This push for paperless tickets is bridging the gap of technology, allowing more people to attend events easier than ever before.

Traditionally, attendees had to buy a physical ticket and show up with that ticket in person to attend an event. Today, they can issue and print their tickets online or even forego physical tickets altogether and come to the event with just their smartphone or tablet.

In addition, virtual tickets allow consumers to attend events remotely from the comfort of their homes. This increases efficiency and cuts back event management costs, while opening up entire new markets.

Big Data

Big data has emerged as a powerful business planning and digital marketing tool. Today, you can leverage big data through events like never before. Technologies like online ticketing, QR codes, and social media registrations, allow event professionals to gather relevant data about their attendees.

Gathering and making sense of event data can help you increase engagement by identifying exactly what your attendees are looking for.

Event Security

Internet of Things (IoT) applications have enabled a new layer of event security. Smart detectors, face recognition software, and body scanners increase the security of events at relatively low cost.

Emerging technologies such as fingerprint scanning and retinal recognition will further upgrade the level of security that will soon be regarded as the norm within the event management industry. More security means easier access and less waiting in the line, which further improves attendee experience.

Virtual Reality

Finally, virtual reality (VR) applications promise to take professional events to the next level. Virtual reality package can offer an immersive 360-degree experience, or just enhance existing presentations with a layer of augmented reality.

Experts predict that VR will transform live events in the near future, allowing a new level of remote attendance. People will be able to attend events from anywhere in the world through virtual tickets, as we’ve seen above. These new virtual tickets will offer a near-identical experience to physically attending an event.

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