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How to Set Up a Meeting in Outlook

How to Set Up a Meeting in Outlook

If you have Outlook, did you know you can easily send a meeting request to one or more people? That Outlook can track who did or did not accept your request? You can send attachments (i.e. your last meeting notes about the 2019 technology budget), set a location and meeting room and even see other people’s schedules (if allowed) to pinpoint the best time for your meeting? Yes, it can do all that and more…lets go into details on how to send outlook meeting notice.

How to Send an Outlook Invite

Please follow these steps:

  1. From the Inbox screen on the upper left corner, select the dropdown that shows Meeting.
  2. It will bring up a screen. You fill in:
    1. The title of the meeting
    2. The required attendees
    3. The optional attendees
    4. The start and end times with time zones (if it’s across multiple zones)
    5. Whether or not it’s reoccurring (helpful for weekly status meetings)
    6. The location and
    7. If you are all in the same building, a room finder.
  3. Once completed, hit send.

How to Send Meeting Reminder in Outlook

Before you hit the send button, you may wish to send a reminder out to yourself or all attendees one week, two days or one hour before the meeting. This is critical if the meeting time has changed or if you have participants who have not RSVPed to date.

Using Scheduling Assistant

When you are in the Meeting, but before you fill out the information, there’s a function called Scheduling Assistant at the top of the file. This is very handy if everyone in your organization uses Outlook for all meetings, appointments and vacation days. You can use the Auto Pick feature where the system will choose the soonest date and time the required or all attendees can meet. This can assure maximum productivity for all involved.

However, if your company isn’t “all in” on this tool, I recommend you skip this feature.

Inserting Items to Invite

Before hitting send, you can press Insert with these four inclusion options:

  1. Attach a file, such as the agenda, financials, or Gantt chart
  2. Picture
  3. Screenshot
  4. URL link

Regarding Responses

Again, before you send, on the menu in the top middle, you can click on the Response Option dropdown and either Request Responses and/or Allow New Time Proposals. You will always want to turn on the former, but the latter will depend on how many individuals you have invited and if your meet time is flexible. General rule: the smaller the group, the more flexibility for time changes.

To Add or Delete Attendees After Meeting Notice Has Been Sent Out

Sometimes you forgot someone on the invite list or you have an employee who resigned. How do you handle this? Since you are the meeting owner, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your calendar and double click on the meeting.
  2. It will pop up all the logistical information and you can add or delete attendees.
  3. You have two options:
    1. Send an update to the added or deleted persons only or
    2. Send an update to all attendees.

How to Cancel a Meeting in Outlook

This is quite simple. Double click on the meeting within your calendar. Click on the Cancel Meeting button and it will bring up the details on the meeting. Then you hit Send Cancellation and all the attendees will be notified.

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