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How to Offer or Freshen Up a Tech Summer Camp

How to Offer or Freshen Up a Tech Summer Camp

Whether you call it tech camp, cyber camp, or something in between, this type of learning experience is aimed at 2nd through 12th graders who want to improve their computer programing and application learning skills over the summer.

However, before you start promoting this program in the community bulletin, it is important to take a hard look at your goals. If your school district has never held a tech camp or it needs a massive overhaul, now is the time to make changes and position yourself properly for this massively popular offering.

As Camp Director or Camp Program Manager, you should answer the questions below and get ideas for the best hardware and software configurations for the camp based on the type of programs you offer.

Goals, Objectives & Logistics of Summer Camp

Take a step back and determine the following about your summer camp program:

  1. What are the overarching goals for the tech camp program?
  2. Are you going to run multiple sessions or just one?
  3. How many children can you have per class?
  4. What grade level(s) are you targeting and what will they learn?
  5. What tools (hardware, software and accessories) are available to complete the objectives?
  6. Who is available to teach such courses? Are they certified in those areas?
  7. What is your budget? Does it make sense to rent a computer in bulk versus buying equipment?

Once you answer these questions, now you can move onto program options.

Popular Tech Camp Programs

Below are the programs that are in high demand and the hardware and software options to consider:

  • Video Game Design – most of these apps (and there are hundreds of them) run on the iOS operating system so your best bet is a MacBook rental with a lot of memory and RAM for the fastest response time.
  • Learning About Popular Programming Languages

    The most in-demand programming languages are SQL, Java, JavaScript and C#. Provide students with gaming PC rentals for maximum speed and learning efficiency.

  • Develop a Website – With popular “drag and drop” programs such as Wix, Weebly and SquareSpace, students can develop their own website during the course of the camp program. The key is to have fast, reliable Internet connections which may require hotspot rentals instead of relying on the school’s Internet connection.
  • Develop an App – Many cyber camps are developing iPhone and Facebook apps that can be used in the school setting and/or ultimately pitched to investors for distribution. The key is to have the application development tools installed on the hardware platform and provide enough speed within the system for quick response times.
  • Video Production – these apps are primarily available on iPhone and iPad rentals with hundreds to choose from depending whether the students are going to produce and/or edit videos.

Hartford Technology Rental is Your Home for Summer Camp Rentals

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