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How to Create a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

How to Create a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

Death by PowerPoint is a real problem.

If you’ve ever been to a conference where someone stands up on stage and reads you their slides one by one for an hour, you know this to be true. But, you can avoid making your audience fall asleep with a little effort.

Here’s how to create a PowerPoint presentation using tech tips and apps to enhance your talk instead of detracting from it.

1. How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation

YouTube is your friend when you’re in over your head. There are some basic tutorials online that walk you through everything from opening a new presentation to using Pivot Tables.

If you haven’t used PowerPoint in a number of years, you may want to refresh yourself on the latest version before you get too far into your project. Otherwise, you may find yourself frustrated and ready to give up.

2. Think about the People in the Back

Don’t worry too much about fancy transitions and animations. If the viewers in the back row can’t see your slides, they won’t care what it looks like or how much of it flies in and out.

Use high contrasting backgrounds and text colors. Make sure the font is big enough to read from the back of the room. Keep in mind that the projectors at the event may be older equipment without LEDs, so they won’t be as bright as your computer screen.

If you have to use more than one slide to get the information to the audience, it’s fine as long as they can read each one. Don’t shrink text to make it fit on one slide. Expand the presentation instead, with a smaller amount of information on each slide with larger font.

3. Use Your Presentation as a Visual Aid, Not a Book

The slides you show should enhance what you’re saying, not show it verbatim. If your audience can read your entire speech off of the screen, why would they listen to you standing up front saying it? You should not be reading your PowerPoint to the audience if you want to keep them engaged.

Practice your speech at home so that you know it backward and forwards then, use the slides to show pictures, examples, and videos to enhance what you’re talking about.

If you’re leading a discussion or more of a workshop-type interactive session, then use the slides to display instructions, ideas, and prompts to move the session forward.

4. Use Apps to Help Prepare

There’s nothing worse than a slideshow you were hoping would be professional and finding it’s full of typos. Make sure to proofread your slides several times, and ask someone else to lend another set of eyes to make sure it’s ready. Use apps like Hemingway Editor to help you with wording, and Grammarly to help proofread.

Remember, spell check and other electronics don’t always catch everything, so it’s important to do your own proofreading, too.

Lively Presentations are better

If you want to keep your audience awake, following these tips will help you prepare. Give them a lively presentation they are happy to sit through. Stay up to date on the latest software, think of the people in the back, and use the slides to enhance — not detract.

When you want to be professional, a slick slide deck will help. For more help with how to create a PowerPoint presentation and make your session a success, request a quote for the latest technology today. Your PowerPoint slide show with our laptop, projector or large monitor display rental will help you put together a lively and memorable presentation.