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How Technology Can Improve Productivity in the Office

How Technology Can Improve Productivity in the Office

Technology has made its way into modern offices. In some organizations, paper and pen are being replaced with screens.

If you want to run a competitive business in your industry, you need to implement technology in your office. With so many options, understand the benefits of how your business can take advantage of technology to improve productivity.

1) Streamlines Communication

Nowadays there’s no need to get up from your desk to talk to your coworker across the room. Group chat and messaging systems are an easy way to get in touch with your entire team fast.

Websites, like Slack, offer an easy way for your employees to communicate with each other. On Slack, employees can post when they’re going to lunch, give ideas, and ask each other questions. It is much quicker and more efficient than emailing back and forth. 

Plus, you can have Slack channels for your different teams at work. There can be an accounting channel for all accountants, a human resources channel, a management channel, etc. The upside of group messaging systems is that it brings all your communication together in one virtual place.

2) Speeds up Work Output

Having the latest technology speeds up how long it takes to get a task done, meaning your business can make more money.

Giving your employees an iPad will enable them to do a number of tasks at the touch of their fingers. iPads have built-in calculators, calendars, and word processing systems. They’re a great tool for taking notes in meetings because they’re not as intrusive as laptops. Plus, notes can immediately be transferred to their desk computers using iCloud.

There are so many apps for the iPad that will help employees become more efficient workers. For example Grammarly is an app that checks spelling and grammar so rest assured your staff will never send an unprofessional email again. 

Don’t have enough iPads in-house? You can rent an iPad for every employee for as long as you need it!

3) Processing Payroll is Easier

In today’s work environment, written paychecks are a thing of the past. Now it is expected that companies use direct deposit, a more efficient and cost-effective way of paying employees. 

Using direct deposit, you can save money on printing, ink, and envelopes when you pay your employees electronically. 

4) Easy Access to Charging Stations

If you’re going to encourage your office to be tech-savvy, you need to make it easy for your employees to charge their devices. 

Why not set-up charging stations around the office that provides charging cables for your employee’s smartphones, iPads, and laptops? Set up comfortable chairs and snacks so that your employees can relax a little while charging their mobile device.

5) Create Tech-Free Zones

Everyone knows that staring at a screen for eight hours a day can be difficult on the eyes. So, encourage your employees to take rests so they don’t strain their eyes. Set up tech-free zones so they’re not constantly pummeled by screens, and allow them to give their eyes a rest.

Ready to Enhance Productivity in the Office?

Now that you understand how technology can improve productivity, you can focus on building a digitally focused workspace. Be sure to give your employees proper training on new devices you bring in so they can quickly enjoy the benefits of having the latest technology.

Do you know what technology innovations to expect in 2020? Check out our tech predictions.

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