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How Flexible (For Real) is Your Technology Supplier?

How Flexible (For Real) is Your Technology Supplier?

I am just coming off a three-year lease on a BMW 325i and I will be so glad to turn this car in…I can’t even tell you! The last three years have been full of “no’s” from the dealership to the point where I am almost afraid to ask any additional questions for the remaining two weeks I possess the car. When I drive away from the dealership with my old back-up car, I will breathe a sigh of relief that they can’t “poke and prod” me any longer.

But do lease and rental agreements have to be this rigid? I dare say, no! A great rental partner is as invested in you and your satisfaction as they are in their own equipment. A great rental partner will make certain they don’t oversell you on price and terms, but are most excited to give you the right fit for your organization. Here is a term you don’t hear very often – with technology — things need to be fluid and flexible.

So how can you choose the right provider and terms? It is important to ask questions internally and ask the right questions of the supplier as well.

Key Questions to Ask Suppliers

What kind of technology do we need? (Internal) | What kind of technology do you have? (Vendor)

It is important to complete a needs assessment of your organization by querying the employees to understand their technology wants and needs. To go back to the car analogy, some people do need a BMW while others can get by with a VW Bug.

In addition, concentrate on your short- and long-term needs. Technology is changing rapidly and workforce needs change as well. Try to identify the best technology for current and multi-year needs.

Understand the breadth and depth of your technology vendor’s inventory. Make sure they have everything from a minimally configured PC to a supped up server rental.

Can we try different technologies out?

If you are uncertain about your computer rental needs, it is advisable to set up a learning lab where users can try different types of computers, tablet rentals and printer rentals and rate them for their use. You can rent for a day, week or month and if you decide to lease the equipment, your rental agreement can easily be converted into a lease.

The best news is your lab can be open 24/7 for different shifts; if your vendor provides around-the-clock support.

What about last-minute requests?

Imagine this scenario: It is 5 p.m., you company just landed a big client and you realize you need a lot of technology pronto. You need a partner that can load the software and deliver/set-up the equipment so your temporary staff is ready to go in the morning.

When working with a provider, ask about their ability to provide this service and their response time for after-hour requests.

Is there any relief for times when the equipment is not being used?

Many organizations enter into short rental agreements (bringing technology in and out of the organization for short periods of time) because they don’t want to be charged for the times when the equipment is idle.

Ask about flexible renting options which allows you to keep the equipment on hand, even during times when it is not used. This is an agreement where you pay a minimum fee each month, but there are no additional charges unless the workstations are activated. In addition, the more you use the equipment, the less you pay per minute of use.

A good example of this Flex Rent solution might be a law firm where caseload activity comes and goes. Or an accounting firm, especially during tax season. But the reality is it could be any business that has project needs that fluctuate.

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