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How Business Technology Impacts the Planet

How Business Technology Impacts the Planet

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword in the business community. It’s the only way to ensure a future for our planet.

That might sound like a lofty claim. But it’s true. It’s also a good way to connect with your customers.

28 percent of consumers admit to ‘punishing’ companies for poor ethical behavior. That includes a slow response to addressing climate change.

And research showed that sustainability boosts your bottom line. The 20 percent of companies who cut their carbon footprint the most, won on the world stock market. They beat it by almost 6 percent.

Add the adoption of green technology to your company values. It shows customers that you care about your impact on the environment. It can also improve your efficiency and save money. Everybody wins.

Want to make more green choices with your business technology? Read on to learn more.

Choose Paperless Options 

Offering paperless invoicing is a great step towards having a paperless office. Alert your customers in advance so they know to expect invoices by email.

And go paperless anywhere that you can. Encourage staff not to print documents unless they’re crucial.

Invest in better computer storage to set up a digital filing system. Connect this to encrypted cloud storage to create an off-site backup and archive.

It saves paper (and storage space). But it’s also easier to search for information using keywords. That saves time and effort when finding documents.

Staff can also access documents from anywhere with an internet connection. Offering telecommuting to staff is a great way to cut your carbon footprint. This leads us on to…

Minimize Travel 

You could invite attendees to your offices for meetings. But what carbon footprint do those individual journeys have?

Instead, try video conferencing and hold your meetings online. Virtual meetings need less technology than you might think. Check out our guide to tech for virtual meetings for more information.

Staff will also save the time they’d spend traveling. They can use that extra time to work on revenue-generating projects.

Check Out Green Business Technology

You can make some changes immediately. Switch off appliances instead of using standby. Use iPads for visitor check-in instead of paper records.

But what about other changes your organization can make? Switching to LED lightbulbs is a swift way to cut your energy use – and your bills. LED bulbs use between 25 and 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. They also last more than three times longer.

Attach motion-sensors to office lighting so rooms are only lit when they’re in use.

Invest in smart glass for your office windows. Think of it as being a dimmer switch for your windows.  By flicking a switch, your windows turn opaque or transparent. Controlling light like this can save you money on heating and cooling, as well as lighting. 

The Future Is in Our Hands

These are only a few ways you can use business technology to improve your green credentials. And you’ll be helping to save the planet.

Working with a partner with a strong green program is a great place to start. We also recommend that you try equipment rentals at first. You can test the tech to see what works best for you.

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