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How AI is Changing Business for the Better

How AI is Changing Business for the Better

Did you know that 77% of consumers use a device that works with artificial intelligence?

We’re not talking about the Hollywood versions of AI like HAL or KITT. We’re talking about the smartphones in your hands and the search engines in your browsers. 

And businesses are no different than consumers when it comes to using this innovative technology. In fact, AI holds the key to a more efficient and productive workforce.

Here’s how AI in the workplace is changing the way we do things… for the better!

Ways AI is Changing Business

What Administrative Tasks?

Who loves to do boring, repetitive, administrative tasks? Not many of us. Businesses use AI to take some of these tasks off the plates of employees.

AI programs make meetings more manageable. Use them to record meetings, create meeting minutes, and share those minutes with the attendees.  

These programs are also great for scheduling calendar events. You can use AI software to send emails, set up meeting times, and remind meeting participants. 

Use a chatbot in internal chat programs to help employees with common questions. For example, let’s say someone hops onto the company chat and asks a question with certain buzz words. The chatbot can send them a link to the specific area where they might find the answer to those questions.

Maximum Security

Security breaches are deadly to businesses. A security monitoring AI sniffs out security threats and prevents a breach. If you want maximum security, AI is the way to go.

AIs handle a lot more activity than people can. That means that the AI weeds out normal transactions and isolates suspicious activity. This gives your security expert a much smaller list of things to check, saving time and money.

Hackers constantly adapt malicious programs to find ways into business systems. In fact, they use their own AI to help them accomplish this. If a business isn’t using AI, it’s already one step behind the attackers. 

An artificially intelligent security program can go through regular updates to keep ahead of this malware. And the longer they work inside a system, the better they can identify malware when they see it. 

AI & HR: The Perfect Match

The hiring process is often tedious and time-consuming. And once you’ve hired someone, training them takes up even more time and money. Utilize AI in your HR department to save resources and improve productivity. 

AI helps you write better job descriptions. It finds the best places to post your openings and post them for you. And it’s helpful to whittle down a list of possible candidates. 

Use AI tools to find the best places for candidates within your organization. And to let potential employees schedule interviews through an automated system. A good HR program also evaluates current employees that might be right for promotions. 

Once you make a hire, use an AI program to evaluate the best way to teach that person. It then sets up their training schedule. Employees spend less time training new recruits and more time working on meaningful tasks.

AI In the Workplace: It’s a Good Thing!

There are a ton of benefits to using AI in the workplace. 

Take away the menial tasks that waste employee time and company money. Improve business security with an AI security program. And make the hiring process easier and faster. 

Looking for more ways to improve your business? Check out these productivity tips for businesses.  And if you need technology equipment for your business, we can help! We offer laptops for rent, ipad rentals, computers, and more. Everything your business needs to take advantage of the innovative technology AI offers.