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Hottest Gaming Trends to Hit this Year

Hottest Gaming Trends to Hit this Year

The gaming industry topped $43 billion in 2018; an 18% increase from the previous year. With that kind of growth, how do game developers plan to outdo themselves this year? 

They improve technology and give people more ways to play. By increasing their reach, they can open up the world of gaming to more people. 

We are going to take a look at the five biggest gaming trends you can expect to see in 2019 and see how to take advantage of these trends.

Biggest Gaming Trends in 2019

1. Cloud-Based Gaming 

Google, Sony, and Tencent are all working on methods for a cloud-based platform to stream games through multiple devices. This means you could play your game on your TV, tablet, or even phone. As a corporate or event planner, this would be an easy way to introduce gaming at an event. Why not rent gaming laptops and monitors to create a gaming center? It’s a fun way to get event attendees involved and interacting with your business and your team.

Additionally, Google introduced Stadia, a service that will let you play your games on a variety of devices as long as you have an internet connection. Think of it working similar to Netflix in that you can leave one device and pick up on another. 

2. Closing the Gender Gap 

Women now represent half of the gaming population. These days 65% of women between the ages of 10 and 65 currently play mobile games. 

While this growth is a positive change, the game developer community still lags. Only 19% of gaming developers identify themselves as female. 

3. More Live Events 

Fortnite made waves when the games transported players to a live concert by DJ Marshmello. Players got to enjoy a live EDM concert in the middle of their game. 

Other gaming companies are also jumping on this trend, such as Kongregate. They hold multiple events to attract and retain players to their some 100,000 games. 

This isn’t a new trend though, just one that took a while to pick up steam. Pokemon Go has hosted live in-game and in-person events for a while now. 

4. Multiplayer Mobile Games Rule 

Game developers are facing the fact that players like real-time PvP (Player vs. Player) battles. To capitalize on this, they are building more battles into games. 

Pokemon Go was the first to introduce these live battles. These days though Fortnite is the king of PvP fights in real time on mobile. 

5. AR Will Dominate

Augmented reality is going to dominate as game makers continue to produce games that blur the lines between gaming worlds and the real world. People already can enjoy this immersive technology while playing The Walking Dead Our World, Pokemon, Go, and Jurassic World Alive on their phones. 

By merging gaming with real life, it brings gaming into a more social application. It can make your next event a smashing success by bringing people together. 

Look for These Gaming Trends

The general trend for gaming in 2019 is all inclusive. Game developers are embracing all types of technology to bring your favorite game to all of your devices. 

The industry is also including women and turning a once male-dominated interest into one that welcomes and incorporates everyone. 

So how will these gaming trends change the way you incorporate gaming into events? Are you prepared for one of the next sports and gaming phenomena? If not, learn about the Esports gaming industry.

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