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Hotel WiFi Network Maybe Less Secure Than You Think

Hotel WiFi Network Maybe Less Secure Than You Think

A recent report by cybersecurity company Cylance stated that ANTlabs InnGate, a high-speed Internet access device specially designed for the hospitality sector, has serious vulnerability issues and should be used with extreme caution. This device allows hotels and convention centers the ability to tie billing for temporary Internet access to specific guest rooms or meeting room accounts. In addition, this system can also be attached to a venue’s Property Management System which controls the back-end functionality of most hotels.

Cybersecurity Report Findings

In 270 instances, relatively unsophisticated hackers were able to:

  • Incept plain text communications sent out from guests or attendees
  • Look at most user emails and
  • Access unencrypted and encrypted user websites

What were the results from this breach? Cylance determined the hackers could easily do the following damage:

  • Steal usernames and passwords
  • Add malware to software downloads and
  • In some instances, access the hotel’s Property Management System

Device Manufacturer’s Reaction

Within a month of the report, the manufacturer, ANTlabs, implemented a fix to the software thus making the system less vulnerable to cyberattacks.

What Should a Business Traveler or Meeting Planner Do?

  • If you access a venue’s network and it is not password protected, do not use this network at all. It is too risky unless you want the entire world to know everything about you, your corporation and your event.
  • Consider renting wireless hotspots for your corporate travel or meeting needs. They are fast, secure and password protected.
  • Regardless if you are on the hotel’s Wi-Fi infrastructure or renting hotspots, it is a good practice to avoid any financial online transactions – including banking and shopping.
  • Ensure a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is installed on all networks.  This technology creates an encrypted connection that ensures the appropriate level of security to the connected systems when the underlying network infrastructure alone cannot provide it. If you are renting hotspots, preload a VPN app on each mobile device that will be connected to it.

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