Get your Computer Hardware in Shape for the New Year

With the holiday season in full swing, this is the perfect time to inventory, maintain and upgrade your computer systems. It used to be your IT and Accounting Department determined what hardware you had and how often it was changed. This is not the case any longer.

Due to limited computer resources within organizations, shorter technology cycles and more intuitive systems, it is now on you or someone in your department to get your organization “system ready” for the New Year.

Technology Inventory

  • Determine exactly what hardware (model and serial numbers), software (operating system and apps) and accessories you have. Remember to include all virtual employees and computing equipment that is in your conference rooms or on loan. Put everything in a spreadsheet and be sure to upload it to your private cloud.
  • If possible, try and determine the month and year each system was purchased and add that information to your spreadsheet.
  • Send the document to your department head and insurance carrier.

Computer Hardware Maintenance

  • Download the latest operating system and apps to each system. Take note of hardware/software incompatibilities. For example, the first generation iPad does not support the current iOS operating system.
  • Make sure your spyware/malware app is up-to-date. Do a full scan of your system.
  • Defrag your hard drive, which will take several minutes, but should free up some of your hard drive storage.
  • Move old and/or important files to a cloud computing rental solution.

Software Upgrade

  • Make of list of hardware you think should be replaced due to levels of support, functionality of the system or user requests.
  • Set up a testing lounge full of corporate computer rentals and give users two weeks to test and evaluate the different systems. It should include:
  • › Determine exactly what your needs are and develop a schedule for upgrades. If you have an immediate need, consider a computer leasing alternative.

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