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Future of Computers: What to Expect

Future of Computers: What to Expect

Almost 60 percent of Americans are optimistic that the future of computers and technology will make life better.

Computers have transformed many aspects of our daily lives. Just when you think technology cannot possibly become any more like science-fiction, it amazes us once again.

And yet, we always wonder what the future holds for computing. Check out what you can expect from the next generation of computers. Let’s get started!

What to Expect From Next Gen Computers

1. Your Computer Will Have a Personality

AI is truly here now! Yes, you already have Alexa and Siri on your smartphones and virtual assistants. But, you can expect the future to have computers with genuine personalities. 

Do you want a computer with a chatty and humorous character? Do you prefer a serious and straight-talking tone?

This could be the types of questions you need to answer when you buy or rent a computer. AI could transform many aspects of life which you take for granted. 

2. Flawless Security 

Do you have too many passwords to keep track of? It can be a nightmare to remember your various passwords.

Over 70 percent of people no longer trust that passwords are enough to protect their online privacy. And yet, the future suggests things are going to be brighter.

Facial recognition and touch ID has already altered how we access our smartphones. This can be expected to be expanded to every aspect of our lives.

3. Improved Battery Life

Everyone has experienced running out of battery when you need it urgently. You can expect the power requirements of future computers to drop significantly.

The improvements in battery technology will allow you to spend many more hours on your computer without the need for power.

Moreover, the development of solar technology could allow you to efficiently charge up your devices while you’re using them.

4. Quantum Computing

Even Albert Einstein regarded quantum computing to be “spooky”. And yet, you can probably expect the next generation of computers to embrace the technology.

Quantum computing could significantly increase the speed of computers. We’re talking millions of times faster than today’s supercomputers.

From air traffic control to cryptography, there are countless ways that quantum computing could solve human problems. 

5. Transformed Picture Quality

Computer graphics have improved dramatically over the past ten years. However, the difference in quality between a photograph and a computer-generated image is stark. 

And yet, the HD visuals could become even better in the future. That actually means a clearer and crisper image than ever before. You’ll probably be able to get an immersive experience with virtual reality as well.  

The Future of Computers

The next generation of computers is exciting. You never know what is around the corner. If you think your life and workplace has been turned upside down by the technology which has emerged in recent years, get ready for the future.

And if your business isn’t ready to upgrade your entire computer inventory, we can certainly help you rent a desktop pc or two (even more) if you want to try testing the latest equipment in your workplace. Give us a call at 888-520-5667 to learn more about our technology rental products and solutions.