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Follow These Steps to Prepare for Your Big Game

Follow These Steps to Prepare for Your Big Game

With the Big Game coming up on Sunday, teams, athletes and coaching staff are in the midst of preparing for their championship football game. So, how can businesses apply these prep strategies to their big game day? Examine the 4 steps to follow as your business prepares for its big event.

4 Steps to Prepare for the Big Game

Step 1 – Research your prospect, industry or competition

It’s essential to learn specific facts and details about your prospect as well as understand their industry and the competition.  

For example, the latest sports phenomenon is Esports which is extremely popular and a growing industry. Here is an opportunity to outfox your competition – host a Gaming event!  Review our checklist on what organizers need to do in order to host a successful gaming event.

Step 2 – Know your weakness versus your competitors’ strengths

If your business wants to win a large-sized contract or project, you need to understand how your company’s weakness stacks up to your competitor’s strength. This is especially true when trying to grow a business. Make sure your business pays attention to these 4 key processes in order to maintain your competitive edge.

Step 3 – Clearly express your strengths and advantages to your prospects

When interacting with potential clients, it is critical to clearly communicate your business’ strengths and advantages to them. When prospects understand that their business can’t succeed without your product/service, your business is set to win the opportunity.

To help enhance your business strengths, consider these 5 cutting-edge technology initiatives to implement. These initiatives may help achieve your business objective of closing more deals and increasing revenue.

Step 4 – Stay focused on the prize

It is essential that your business stay focused on what makes your product/service better than the competition in order to be successful. 

If you organize events, the prize is maximizing attendance at your event. Discover key areas to focus on that bring people to meetings and strive to hit your goal of getting more attendees to your event.

In the end, don’t get distracted – execute your game plan with strong teamwork and precision messaging for the win!

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