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Five Critical Factors to Consider When Renting Copiers

Five Critical Factors to Consider When Renting Copiers

While renting a copier may seem like an easy decision, it does require some level of discussion about its intended use at your organization or event.

In order to determine which copier will serve you best, evaluation of the following five critical factors needs to occur. Once completed, you will be in a position to speak to a technical sales representative and obtain the right machine at the right time for your company.

5 Critical Factors to Consider


Approximately, how many pages per month will you copy? Do you have peak usage times? This will determine the size of copier rental and over what time period you need the rental contract. For example, rentals make a lot of sense for litigation support during a case and for accounting firms during tax season.


What is your overall budget for copies? Black and white copies are less expensive than full-color. Determine your total cost based on the monthly rental fee, cost per page and maintenance service fee.

Service Contract

Is service for preventative maintenance included in the copier rental fee? What about toner cartridges when you run out – are they included? These can be unexpected budgetary consideration if you are not prepared for them.

Standalone or Networked

Does this machine need to be networked into your office infrastructure or will it be a standalone copier? If it is networked, the technical staff at your office and the vendor providing the equipment will need to spend more time together in the planning and implementation stage making certain it works from all of the computer stations.

Short-Term Project or Office Relocation

Your organization may have a short-term need for copier rentals due to winning a contract, preparing for a major lawsuit or copying materials at an event. Whatever the need, you know this project will come to an end in the next 12 months.

Additionally, perhaps your office needs to relocate on a short-term basis due to renovation or catastrophic events in your building. Part of your business continuity plan should include computer, printer and copier rentals.

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