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Event Technology Tools Planners Need to Consider

Event Technology Tools Planners Need to Consider

Without a doubt, the options for streamlining your event are becoming more plentiful as hardware improves, developers provide new apps and mobile devices are becoming more abundant.

However, many planners I have spoken to, are still puzzled about the benefits of these tools as they plan and execute events. Here is a synopsis of the six technology tools that stand out and the advantages they will bring to your participants.

Six Event Technology Tools


Attendees want a say in the content that is being presented to them. Crowdsourcing is the easiest way to register what they want. Once all topics are online, users can vote on which ones peak their interest.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of formal apps available today for crowdsourcing. One I like is SharedXP Events. It’s free for a small meeting. A more informal approach is to create an online survey or event page asking for suggestions and feedback.

Crowdsourcing allows attendees to feel more connected to the event. You’ll know what they want to hear and how popular each topic is through the voting process.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Creating event specific VR and AR content will take both an investment in time and money, well before your meeting occurs. Decide what your intention is with the technology and how it will drive your message home.

There are many off the shelf apps geared toward gaming. 360 camera rentals with stitching services are available to create your specific VR experience. In addition, you can hire a developer to create an immersive experience specific to your conference.

VR and AR bring a fun element into your meeting which is something attendees have been longing for with their event experience.

Facial Recognition

Even though facial recognition is primarily available with smartphones (i.e. iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel 2) and is being introduced into major airports, it has yet to roll out into conferences. However, two products are making some headway; Zenus and Regie. These apps save time, because they only take a few seconds to register attendees.

This technology can check-in participants in an efficient, non-invasive and secure way.

Large Touch Screen Monitors

Interactive devices allow attendees to flip through presentations, videos and even social media posts relative to the meeting.

Touch screen rentals permit event goers to view photos and videos from the meeting on a real-time, on demand basis.

New Uses for Smartphones

Mobile devices are used for so many things these days. Add microphones and polling to this list. That’s right, attendees can now download an app, connect to the in-house sound system via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and within a few seconds have a microphone at their disposal. In addition, polling apps allow you, presenters and sponsors to collect immediate data about the audiences likes and dislikes.  

Using these technologies gives everyone the flexibility of asking questions and gathering comments. The best part? Attendees feel they’re being heard and are valued.

Benefits of Technology at Events

Implementing one or more of the above technologies can help facilitate a better bond between you and attendees. Positioned correctly, it can bring about engagement, great content and networking opportunities for all involved.

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